The Best Cruelty-Free Concealer – 2023 Reviews And Top Picks

The Best Cruelty-Free Concealer
In our commitment to help you find products that aren’t only effective but environment-friendly as well, we’ve come up with this list of the best cruelty-free concealers out in the market today. We’ve spent more than 18 hours going through 16 different brands to make sure we only present the top performing concealer based on coverage, longevity and value for money.

At A Glance: Our Choices for The Best Cruelty-Free Concealers

For those who are looking for a cruelty-free concealer that won't break the bank, L.A Girl Pro Conceal is a great option. It comes in a wide range of shades that even includes color correcting ones.

It is thick, so you'll only need a small amount of the product.

Jane Iredale Circle Delete Under Eye Concealer contains two shades for neutralizing the redness and bluish hues that come with dark circles. It has an interesting list of ingredients that won't only help conceal under eyes, but soothe them over time.

For a full coverage cruelty-free concealer, It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Waterproof Concealer is a must-try product. It comes in four shades that caters to fair to dark skin.

It is on the pricey end but, considering its features, this concealer makes a great investment.

Made from organic and natural ingredients, Au Naturale Organic Crème Concealer has a creamy consistency that makes application almost effortless. It offers up to a medium coverage.

Sheer Miracle Wide Awake Pink Dark Circle Concealer can neutralize blue hues. It's a concentrated product, so you'll need just a small amount to conceal your dark under eyes.

2017 Reviews of The Best Cruelty-Free Concealers

Best Cruelty-Free Concealer - L.A. Girl Pro Conceal

L.A Girl Pro Conceal has a creamy texture that is formulated to resist creasing. It’s easy to blend and build up to cover dark circles, redness and other skin imperfections.

It comes in a squeeze tube with a soft brush applicator. This makes dispensing a breeze.

However, although convenient, the applicator isn’t entirely a positive thing. For one, it tends to consume some of the product, which can mean wasting.

You may also need to clean it once in awhile to make sure no bacterial build up happens.

The concealer comes in wide range of shades- around 21. Apart from the concealer shades, it also has three color correcting shades.

As I’ve mentioned, the product is creamy and very thick. Despite this, you won’t have a problem applying and blending it.

The pigmentation is quite good. However, as you blend the product, it turns somewhat sheer.

If you want to get more coverage, you may have to add more layer. Though, I don’t really recommend that you apply it thickly as it can cake up.

The product dries to a semi-matte finish and is somewhat long lasting.

One issue you might encounter with this one is that it sometimes turn watery. You can remedy this by squeezing the tube while it's still close to mix the product inside first.

For its price, I’d say this one gives you value for money. It’s also widely available, making it one of the best drugstore cruelty-free concealers in the market today.

Things We Liked

  • Affordable
  • Easy to blend
  • Comes with a soft brush tip
  • Comes in a wide range of shades
  • Includes a color correcting concealer

Things We Didn't Like

  • Product can accumulate in the brush
  • Can turn watery
Best Cruelty-Free Concealer -Jane Iredale Circle Delete Under Eye Concealer

Jane Iredale Circle Delete Under Eye Concealer is a two-part system. It has one shade for neutralizing redness and another shade for neutralizing grey, blue and violet.

You can mix the two shades or apply them on your skin simultaneously.

For this feature, this is easily one of the best cruelty-free under eye concealers you can find these days.

One interesting thing about this concealer is that it’s formulated with soothing ingredients and without any harsh chemicals.

It contains moringa butter and avocado oil to help condition the skin around your eyes. Apart from that, the concealer is also loaded with green tea extracts to soothe dark circles over time.

It has a creamy and smooth texture that feels lightweight on the skin. You can apply it under or over your foundation.

The product is one the expensive side. If you are on the hunt for the best cheap cruelty-free concealer, this one might not be the right fit for you.

Things We Liked

  • Contains soothing ingredients
  • Has two shades to neutralize dark circles
  • Contains vitamins
  • Has no harsh chemicals

Things We Didn't Like

  • Might not work well on oily skin
  • Expensive
Best Cruelty-Free Concealer - It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Waterproof Concealer

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Waterproof Concealer, as the name implies, offers high coverage to help you conceal just about any blemishes you have to hide. It’s highly pigmented and formulated to not crease.

Apart from the great coverage it offers, the product is also loaded with antioxidants to protect your skin against further free radical damage. It also has hyaluronic acid and peptides to help with the signs of aging.

The product is packaged in a squeeze tube, which makes dispensing a lot easier. It’s not messy and gives you more control.

Its consistency is a bit thick and somewhat tacky. You might find it a bit difficult to spread, especially since the product doesn’t have enough slip.

It’s still workable, tho.

It’s available in four shades, which give options to people with fair to dark skin tones.

Things We Liked

  • Offers full coverage
  • Contains antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid
  • Waterproof
  • Shades range from light to dark

Things We Didn't Like

  • Tacky consistency can make it tricky to apply
  • Pricey
Best Cruelty-Free Concealer - Au Naturale Organic Crème Concealer

Au Naturale Organic Crème Concealer has a creamy consistency that won’t make application hard. You can work on it using your fingers, brush or a makeup sponge.

The ingredient list of this one is quite interesting. It has meadowfoam seed oil, castor seed oil and even pumpkin seed extract.

The product is smooth to apply and dries to an almost matte finish. You can build up its coverage to a medium.

For staying power, I’d say it can hold up well with very minimal creasing. This is actually expected since creams tend to do that.

The pot it comes in is quite durable and portable. It’s sleek-looking, too.

Considering these things, you can say that they justify the product’s price tag.

Things We Liked

  • Easy to apply
  • Packaging is durable
  • Made from organic and natural ingredients

Things We Didn't Like

  • Has a tendency to crease
  • Contains a small amount of product
Best Cruelty-Free Concealer - Sheer Miracle Wide Awake Pink Dark Circle Concealer

Sheer Miracle Wide Awake Pink Dark Circle Concealer makes a great product for a cruelty-free makeup. Its color is supposed to neutralize blue shades.It claims to ha

ve a very hydrating formulation and has a creamy consistency. Despite these things, I still find the product a bit difficult to distribute without pulling the skin.It works better with a patting and dabbing motion, if you’re going to ask me.

For coverage, it’s on the lighter side. If you have very pale skin or really dark under eyes, you may need to apply more product or go with a full coverage concealer.

Take note that the product comes in a small pot. For its price, you’ll only get 5 grams of product.

It can still last you a long time though (estimated to last for six months).

Things We Liked

  • Has a brightening effect
  • Can neutralize blue hues
  • Concentrated

Things We Didn't Like

  • A bit tricky to apply
  • Contains a small amount of product

Reviews and Comparisons of The Best Cruelty-Free Concealers


Best Overall

2nd choice

3rd choice

4th choice

5th choice

Top-Rated Cruelty-Free Concealers 2017

Best Cruelty-Free Concealer - L.A. Girl Pro Conceal
Best Cruelty-Free Concealer -Jane Iredale Circle Delete Under Eye Concealer
Best Cruelty-Free Concealer - It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Waterproof Concealer
Best Cruelty-Free Concealer - Au Naturale Organic Crème Concealer
Best Cruelty-Free Concealer - Sheer Miracle Wide Awake Pink Dark Circle Concealer



Squeeze tube with soft brush tip


Squeeze tube




0.28 oz

0.10 oz

0.28 fluid oz

3 ml

5 grams




Thick/ Tacky




Sheer to medium











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What Does A Cruelty-Free Product Mean?

Cruelty-free products mean that they have not been tested on animals.

You see, before a product is released in the market, it has to be tested for several things, like absorption, toxicity and sensitisation. The product must pass these tests before it can be considered safe for people to use.

Unfortunately, the process comes at the cost of animals.

There are a handful of animals that are being used for product testing. The most common, however, are mice, rabbits and guinea pigs. Cats, dogs and hamsters are frequently used, too.

In some countries, monkeys are subjects of product testing, too.

Now, if you are worried that cruelty-products aren’t safe to use because they haven’t been tested on animals, that’s really not the case.

Companies that go cruelty-free simply choose to use a different way of testing their products. There are actually a lot of alternatives.

The list includes:

  • In vitro testing
  • Computer modeling
  • Human-patient simulators

Animal testing is still a continuing practice. Most of the companies that engage in such activity argue that it gives them more reliable data on the safety of their products.

In reality, however, it is still flawed.

Strict laws restricting animal testing aren’t existing yet. It will totally be up to you whether you support cruelty-free products or not.

In case you choose to support, read on.

How To Spot A Cruelty-Free Product

Cruelty-free has no legal definition yet. Your best bet is to read product labels and check the claims.

Take note that manufacturers don’t always say the truth, so I recommend you do your research, too.

Companies that don’t commit to animal testing usually file a membership to The Leaping Bunny Program. Once accepted, they will be allowed to add the program’s logo to their products.

PETA or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals also has a list you can also check.


Investing in cruelty-free products doesn’t mean you’re putting your money on less effective products. Just think of it as a good way to save those poor animals from being hurt.

Note: Animals aren’t given pain relievers during testing, so you can just imagine...

For this roundup, we’re recommending L.A Girl Pro Conceal as the best cruelty-free concealer. It’s listed in PETA’s list, just to assure you.

Apart from that it’s affordable, it also does a good job in concealing redness and blemishes.

Just make sure that you mix the product by squeezing first before your dispense. This will make the concealer easier to apply and blend.

Other than that and its brush, the concealer makes a good investment.

We also have a detailed buying guide about Best Natual Concealer and Best Non Creasing Concealer in case you want to check out

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