Best Soaps of 2017

Soaps are must-haves for people who want to get cleaner and fresher skin. However, since not all skin types are the same, you can’t expect every soap to work the same way for everyone. To make sure you only get your hands on the best products, we went through all the hard work of finding the top choices for soaps today. We further categorized them to make your search even easier for you.

Which is the best soap?

The best soap isn’t just about the lather it creates or the scent it leaves your skin. To find the right match, we recommend determining your skin type first and then going through our list of the best soaps. The products in the list below are considered as crowd favorites due to their ingredients, formulations and compatibility to specific skin types.

Soaps - Top 5 Favorites

Best Soap for Sensitive Skin

If your skin is feeling itchy and irritated after washing, it’s probably the right time to ditch your existing soap. Not only can it make you feel uncomfortable, the wrong soap can also compromise your skin integrity. In this category, we’ve carefully selected the best soap for sensitive skin that is safe to use and friendly on the budget.

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Best Soap for Dry Skin

Soaps are effective for cleansing but some soaps can leave your skin drier than it already is. This can lead to several problems, like getting skin irritation and even wounds. Finding a soap that won’t dry your skin can be difficult, especially with so many products that claim to be hydrating. In this category, we made sure to include the best soaps formulated with highly moisturizing and gentle ingredients.

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Best Soap for Psoriasis

If you have extra sensitive skin that tends to experience flaking and irritation, you have to be extra careful with soaps that claim to be gentle. The best soap for psoriasis we have chosen for this category were carefully reviewed to ensure that they can really deliver their claims. They were thoroughly reviewed based on ingredients, cleansing properties and gentleness on the skin.

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Best Soap for Eczema

When you have eczema, using the right types of products is as essential as starting a proper skin care routine. It helps prevent itching and swelling that come with the condition. The best soaps for eczema we have chosen for this category are especially formulated for safety and good cleansing properties. They contain gentle ingredients that won’t compromise your skin any further.

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Best Soap for Acne Prone Skin

When it comes to acne prone skin, finding the right soap that can prevent breakouts can be confusing. While there are products that can perform well, there are also soaps that fall far behind from what they say they can do. In this category, we made sure to find the best soaps for acne prone skin based on their acne-fighting ingredients, ability to draw out impurities and oil control properties.

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