Best Face Mask of 2017

Face masks are a hit for so many reasons. They can address fine lines, hydrate the skin and even unclog pores. Since there are tons of face masks in the market today, you’ll have to be informed enough to know exactly which product you should invest in. This is where our list can help you out. Our experts did the research and reviewed the best face masks in the market today and categorized them based on specific skin issues.

Which is the best face mask for you?

Whatever your skin type is, you’ll surely benefit from applying face masks once in awhile. And to prove our point, we have reviewed the top performing face masks today based on skin benefits, ingredients and value for money and categorized them into the top 5 categories a large number of people are concerned with.

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Best Face Mask for Sensitive Skin

Applying face masks a couple of times per week can make you and your skin feel relaxed and hydrated. However, since it is sensitive skin you are dealing with, you have to be extra careful about the products you apply on your face. For this reason, we have carefully handpicked the best face masks we think will suit your skin type the best. From masks made without fragrances to masks formulated with natural ingredients, you can surely find a good match in the products in this category.

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Best Face Mask for Blackheads

Having blackheads isn’t only embarrassing; it can also make you feel more reluctant to try on new products. Face masks for blackheads are formulated to deeply cleanse the pores and reduce your skin’s chances of breaking out. In addition to that, we have chosen the best products in this category for their ability to soothe the skin and deal with clogged pores that make them instant crowd favorites.

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Best Face Mask for Combination Skin

It’s obvious that face masks should come with different ingredients and formulations because not all skin types have the same needs. The products in this category were carefully selected and picked based on properties that make them fit for combination skin. Plus, we made sure that they offer more than what you pay for them- exfoliation, antimicrobial properties and so much more.

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Best Face Mask for Oily Skin

Oily skin deserves extra care since it makes you more prone to several skin issues, like acne and large pores. Today’s brands offer features that promise to address this concern. Of course, with so many brands to choose from, you should expect others to perform better than the rest. In this category, we made sure to include face masks that have great oil control properties, ability to unclog pores and reduce their size- all without compromising the integrity of your skin.

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Best Face Mask for Acne Prone Skin

People with oily skin tend to look for three things in face masks: ability to control oil, kill acne causing bacteria and shrink pores. Others look for face masks that can soothe the skin, too. The face masks for acne prone skin we highlight in this category can do exactly those things and more.

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