Best Foundations of 2017

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Best Foundations for Acne Prone Skin

Applying foundation on your acne prone skin isn’t an easy decision to make. Any incompatible ingredient or formulation has the potential to trigger further breakouts. To address your concerns and ease away your worries, we’ve compiled the best foundations for acne prone skin in this category. The products in this list feature non-comedogenicity, good oil control properties and ingredients that can fight acne.

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Best Foundation for Combination Skin

Finding the right foundation that can match your unique skin type can take a lot of work. You’d have to do a series of trial-and-error and spend hundreds of cash testing products after products. Because we know how frustrating these things can be, we decided to test the most popular names in the industry to find out which of them can offer the best foundation for combination skin.

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Best Foundation for Dry Skin

When you have dry skin, the last thing you want to happen is to have your foundation cling to your dry patches and make your skin issues more prominent. To make sure none of these things happen, we put a lot of effort in finding out the best foundation for dry skin. The products in this category were tested to provide not only good coverage but extra hydrating properties, too.

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Best Foundation for Oily Skin

Foundations applied on oily skin usually end up with stickiness, grease and shine. These things won’t only make you feel awkward, but it can make you look unpretty, too. To save you from these issues, we’ve put together a list of the best foundations for oily skin. We made sure to carefully select the products in this category based on their ability to control oil and shine, smoothen your skin’s texture and minimize your large pores.

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Best Foundations for Eczema

One of the most common concerns people with eczema have is the reaction they’ll get from wearing makeup, particularly foundations. If you are dealing with the same issues, this list can greatly help you. The products in this category were picked based on their skin friendliness, skin benefits and soothing ingredients so you won’t have to worry about irritating your skin anymore.

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