Best Lotions of 2017

With the wide range of choices today, choosing the right lotion is no longer an easy job. Keeping this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the best lotions you can get your hands on today. Our top choices include lotions that will work on specific skin types and issues. And to make selection a lot easier for you, we’ve further broken down the categories as you’ll see below.

Looking for the best lotion?

Lotions make an important part of any person’s skin care routine. They are meant to bring back the moisture your skin lost through showering, exposure to harsh conditions and certain conditions that can weaken your skin’s barrier. Because we know how uncomfortable it is to have itchy, flaky and dry skin, we’ve come up with this list to guide you in finding the best lotion

Lotions - Top 4 Favorites

Best Lotion for Dry Skin

When you have dry skin, you need to pick products that can provide intense hydration. For this reason, the products we’ve selected in this category were carefully picked based on their key ingredients and ability to nourish the skin. They offer significant results your skin will surely thank you for.

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Best Face Lotion for Oily Skin

Applying a face lotion can help your skin stay supple, elastic and young-looking. However, when it comes to oily skin, it’s a whole different story. Because the wrong formulation can easily lead to breakouts, we made sure to select the best face lotions for oily skin based on their ingredients, consistency and hydrating properties that won’t do your skin any harm.

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Best Lotion for Psoriasis

Skin affected with psoriasis needs all the care you can provide. For hydration and nourishment, we’re presenting to you the best lotions for psoriasis. The products mentioned in this category feature extremely nourishing ingredients, ranging from aloe vera to emollients.

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Best Body Lotion with Glycolic Acid

The best body lotion with glycolic acid should be able to help you even out your skin, minimize pores and decrease the appearance of large pores. Unfortunately, not all lotions that claim to have glycolic acid can perform well. To make sure you don’t waste your money over products that can’t deliver results, we’ve listed down our most recommended lotions in this category.

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