Oro Gold 24K Vitamin C Booster Facial Serum Review

Oro Gold 24K Vitamin C Booster Facial Serum Review

Product Name: Oro Gold 24K Vitamin C Booster Serum

Review Date: July 24, 2016

Rating: 4.5


Oro Gold 24k Vitamin C Booster Facial Serum utilizes the illuminating effects of gold to make your skin brighter-looking. It promises to give you an ultra-smooth and glowing skin right after product use with its combination of vitamins C and E.

Tired of spending long hours on the internet trying to figure out everything about Oro Gold vitamin C serum? Then you’re in the right place. We have reviewed the product, its effects and price- so you won’t have to do the hard work.

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About the Brand

Oro Gold, without a doubt, is a luxury brand which has been around since 2008. Despite being fairly new to the market of skincare, the brand has already gained a lot of followers, especially people seeking for effective anti-aging solutions.

Oro Gold offers products that combine modern day technology with age-old beauty remedies. It now has over a hundred products you can choose from.

Main Ingredients

Oro Gold Vitamin C Serum literally has flecks of gold as one of its main ingredients. These gold pieces help illuminate and rejuvenate tired-looking skin.

And to boost the serum’s effect, the product also has vitamin C to protect your skin against free radicals while boosting your collagen production. On top of these two ingredients, you can also find vitamin E in the serum.

Vitamin E gives your skin a more youthful appearance by making it supple and reducing its fine lines.

Other ingredients you can find in this serum include wheat germ oil, parfum and phenoxyethanol.

Uses and Effects

Oro Gold vitamin C serum illuminates and brightens the skin right after use. Consumers report waking up to smoother skin when they use the product at night.

We find this unique feature attributed to the serum’s gold content. Gold, once it gets dissolved in your skin’s surface, immediately works to reflect light.

The serum sinks right into the skin upon application and smoothens it for makeup application. It helps foundation glides on to the skin better.

If you have a particularly dry skin or if your skin flakes a lot, you can benefit from this serum. Aside from dry skin relief, the product also helped clear out some of its consumers’ skin breakouts.

The product contains fragrance. This is something you have to be cautious of, especially if your skin is extra sensitive to it.

Although most of Oro Gold vitamin c serums’ users claim that they didn’t experience any aggravation of their acne while using the product, we strongly encourage you to do a quick sensitivity test first just to make sure.

Other than these benefits, the product works well in diminishing signs of skin aging.

How To Use

Although the serum, by itself, is already moisturizing, you may still want to wear a moisturizer on top of it. Or you can just mix it together, if you prefer.

On a freshly cleansed skin, take and apply a small amount of the product. Use circular motions in rubbing the product and continue massaging until it gets fully absorbed.


As you can expect with a luxury brand, Oro Gold does a good job at adding a luxurious and elegant feel to its vitamin C serum. It comes in a satin filled box with the actual product packaged in a beautiful glossy bottle.

The serum is one of the priciest vitamin C serum on our list.

The Verdict

What We Like

  • Almost instant brightening effect
  • Makes skin feel smooth right after application
  • Good help for people with dry skin
  • Luxurious packaging

What We Didn’t Like

  • Expensive
  • Contains fragrance

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