PCA Skin C-Strength 20% With 5% Vitamin E Review

PCA Skin C-Strength 20% With 5% Vitamin E Review

Product Name: PCA Skin C-Strength 20% With 5% Vitamin E

Review Date: July 23, 2106

Rating: 4.5

Summary: PCA Skin C-Strength 20% with 5% Vitamin E uses two powerful vitamins to make your skin resilient against skin aging and damage. It’s not your basic vitamin C serum since it contains L-Ascorbic Acid in its purest form.

Sometimes, it’s not enough that you use just about any skin care product on your face. If you want to see noticeable effects, you have to find the right products that will match your skin.

Because we understand how important it is to treat your skin right, we’ve reviewed the top vitamin C serums and here’s what we think of PCA Skin C-Strength 20% With 5% Vitamin E serum.

About the Brand

Originally, PCA Skin was named Physician’s Choice of Arizona, Inc. With the products it was able to create and the number of customers that patronized them, the brand grew and evolved to Physician’s Care Alliance.

Aside from products that you can use at home, PCA also markets professional skin care products. It has skin cleansers, facial toners and acne treatments.

Main Ingredients

PCA’s vitamin C serum uses two potent antioxidants in its formulation. It has vitamin C that improves skin tone and complexion and vitamin E which is great against free radicals.

Other than these two ingredients, the serum is also packed with a lot of extracts, including sandalwood, barley and bark. You can also find a natural orange oil fragrance in the product.

Uses and Effects

Most people who use PCA Vitamin C Serum saw a difference in their problem areas in just a few weeks. Take note, however, that serums aren’t magic potions which means you have to consistently use it to get the effects you want.

The serum is good to use on sunspots and acne scars. It also works well on freckles, melasma and in evening out skin tone.

Although there are users with sensitive skin who claim that the product didn’t cause any irritation on their skin, we still suggest that you test the product out first.

Upon application, you’ll notice a bit of tingling and stingy sensation, particularly the during your first few days of using the serum. These effects wear off as your skin gets desensitized to it and with the soothing effects of its sandalwood and bark extracts.

But take note, however, that although these reactions are expected, you still need to observe your skin for any allergic reactions.


PCA Vitamin C Serum applies smoothly on the skin. In fact, it renders makeup application a lot easier.

Instead of a liquid consistency, this one has a cream-like texture.

It’s available in two concentrations- 15 % and 20%. If this is your first time to use a vitamin C serum, it’s a good idea to start with the weaker formulation to see how your skin can tolerate the product.

Because of its vitamin E content, which acts as an emollient, we feel that this product will work great on oily skin. If you have a dry skin type, we suggest you use a moisturizer on top of this serum to keep your skin hydrated.


Aside from its texture, one thing that sets this serum apart from the rest is how it is packaged. It comes in a white opaque tube which we really like, since it helps keep the product to last longer.

How To Use

Since it’s a very potent product, you should stick to applying a small amount on your skin, instead of liberal application. Make sure to avoid your lips and eye area while applying the product to avoid irritation.

Aside from your face, you can also use PCA Vitamin C Serum on your hands and chest area.

The Verdict

What We Like

  • Has both vitamins A and E
  • Tube packaging
  • Contain soothing extracts to counter burning sensation

What We Didn’t Like

  • Pricey
  • May cause flaking when used on very dry skin

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