Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C BB Serum Review

Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C BB Serum Review

Product Name: Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C BB Serum

Review Date: July 17, 2016

Rating: 4.5


Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C BB Serum comes from a company that focuses on addressing skin issues that come with aging. It offers all the benefits you can get from a BB cream, with the addition of vitamin C.

There’s no doubt about what vitamin C can do for your skin. Aside from fighting blemishes and improving your general skin condition, it can also help reduce the signs of skin aging.

Because of these benefits, it’s really no wonder why a lot of skin care companies are aiming to work extra hard to put the said vitamin in their formulation. We’re not even wondering why they are willing to walk the extra mile to put their product on the list of the best vitamin C serums.

But what happens when you take the goodness of vitamin C plus BB cream ? That’s exactly what Lumene did and here’s our take on their product.

About The Brand

Lumene has been in business for around 40 years already. It’s a brand that focuses specifically on anti-aging products.

It utilizes 80% natural ingredients and a combination of essential fatty acids and plant stem cells for its skincare line to repair damage and boost your skin’s natural cellular turnover.

Aside from its dedication to helping women with skin aging issues, we liked that the brand has a specific line of products for men.

Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C BB Serum Review


Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C BB Serum Review


Main Ingredients

The product is loaded with a lot of natural ingredients, including sunflower seed oil, cloudberry seed extract and algae extract. It also has rosemary leaf extract, bark extract and lecithin.

Despite the long list of natural ingredients, this serum contains fragrance and light reflectors to make your skin radiant in an instant.

Uses and Effects

Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C BB Serum Review


Lumene Vitamin C Serum provides the same benefits of BB creams but with the addition of vitamin C. People who have used the product liked that it made their skin soft and smooth upon application.

They also liked how it evened out their skin tones and brightened out their complexions. Some of its users who have oily and acne-prone skin didn’t experience any breakouts while using the serum.

The product also claims to decrease your pore size as well as illuminate your skin. It has a mild exfoliating property to make sure your skin stays smooth.


Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C BB Serum Review


Unlike other BB products, this serum doesn’t contain any color. In fact, it makes a great base for makeup since it doesn’t add any tint to the face.

It also makes makeup application a lot easier since it can even out skin texture. The serum gives out a matte finish which makes it perfect for people who have oily skin.

The formulation is very light and glides smoothly on the skin. Users find its light citrus fragrance great, too.

However, although the serum provides a decent amount of moisture, it still may not be enough particularly during the winter.

How To Use

You can use the serum as it is or you can mix it with your BB cream. You can apply the product daily in the morning and at night, right after you cleanse and tone your face.

When it comes to application, make sure to avoid getting the product near your eyes as it can cause irritation.


Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C BB Serum Review


You get as much as 30mL for this product. Its packaging includes consists of a white pump bottle.

The Verdict

What We Liked

  • Good value
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Non-greasy
  • Effective in smoothening the skin

What We Didn’t Like

  • May not provide enough moisture during the winter
  • Comes in a pump bottle
  • Has fragrance

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