CSI Vitamin C + 12% Youth Serum Review

CSI Vitamin C + 12% Youth Serum Review

Product Name: CSI Vitamin C + 12% Youth Serum Review

Review Date: July 24, 2016

Rating: 4.5


 CSI Vitamin C +12% Youth Serum is a very straightforward product. It uses only two main ingredients to deliver its promise of youthful and clearer skin.

Not all products that contain a lot of potent ingredients mean they’re the best for you. As the old adage goes, less is more.

But when it comes to options, we’d love to give you a handful of choices so you’d know exactly what you want and what your skin needs. On top of our list of the best vitamin C serums, we’re also reviewing CSI’s vitamin C serum.

About The Brand

CSI or Cosmeceuticals Sciences Institue is one of the few brands that offer sensible products at an affordable cost.

Main Ingredients

Unlike other serums that will baffle you with a long list of ingredients you don’t really understand, CSI Vitamin C Serum has two main contents- L-Ascorbic Acid and Butylene Glycol.

L-Ascorbic Acid, as you probably already know, is the purest form of vitamin C. Butylene Glycol, on the other hand, is a bit similar to propylene glycol- except for its texture.

Butylene Glycol is commonly added to skin care products as a conditioning agent and to decrease their viscosity.

Uses and Effects

CSI vitamin C serum is a very direct product. It uses only two main ingredients to even out your skin tone and make you look a lot younger.

When it comes to effects, its users noticed that the serum made their skin plumper and softer. Some of them even commented on how the product gave them an “instant facial” with a clearer, tighter and brighter skin after application.

Although this serum contains only 12% vitamin C serum concentration, instead of the 20% most products have, it can still cause irritation and redness. The reason? Its Butylene Glycol content.

If you are able to tolerate that ingredient, then your skin will probably won’t show any negative reactions to the product.


The serum is colorless but has a distinct smell because of its alcohol content. It has a somewhat thick consistency that’s a bit on the oily side.

Although thick, the serum dries down fairly quick. It has a bit of moisturizing effect on the skin which we really love.


There’s nothing special about the packaging of this product aside from that it’s amber tinted. It comes with a dropper, too.

You get 30ml of product when you go buy the serum. For its price, we think it’s a bit pricey considering that there are other brands that contain 20% vitamin C concentration for the same quantity and price.

How To Use

It’s highly recommended that you use the serum twice a day- in the morning and at night. You can use it under your moisturizer and your sunscreen.

Start by applying 2 to 3 drops of the serum and work the amount all over your face. Make sure it has completely dried up before you put another layer of product on your skin.

The Verdict

What We Like

  • Straightforward ingredients
  • Gives skin an instant facial effect
  • Packaging helps prolong shelf life

What We Didn’t Like

  • Lower vitamin C concentration
  • Smells a bit like alcohol
  • A bit oily

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