How to Get Rid of Redness on Face: 4 Easy Remedies You Can Do At Home

Redness can be concealed with makeup, right?

Simply take a green color corrector, apply it under your regular concealer, and you’re good to go. But, what if you don’t know anything about makeup?

Now, don’t fret.

Facial redness is something you can easily address at home. With these 4 really simple but highly effective remedies, you’ll know how to get rid of facial redness the natural way.

But before we actually get to the remedies, let’s start off with knowing the cause of your facial redness.

In general, redness on face can be caused by two things: rosacea and acne.

If you have rosacea, you can reduce flare-ups by staying away from the usual triggers. It can be the sun, stress or heavy exercise.

You can also ask your doctor for oral medications. He may recommend a medication that can reduce the inflammation on your skin.

If it’s due to adult acne, however, there are several face masks you can use to control the redness. Ask your doctor which oral antibiotics or topical creams may work best for your case.

If you’re suffering from neither of the two, you can try the following natural remedies:

1. Oatmeal Face Mask

Frequency: Once a day, every day

How To Do It:

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    Grind some oatmeal in a food processor until it turns into a powder.
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    Mix a small amount of the powdered oatmeal with water and mix thoroughly until you end up with a fine paste.
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    Apply the mixture all over your face. Let it sit for around 30 minutes before rinsing it off.
how to get rid of redness on face

Why It Works:

Oatmeal is a great anti-inflammatory agent. It can help soothe any form of irritation, from eczema to sunburn to general redness.

Tip: Try replacing water with milk to upgrade this mask. Just use those with added fat content as those fatty components can help revitalize the skin.

2. Olive Oil

Frequency: Every night

How To Do It:

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    Dab an adequate amount of olive oil to your face before going to bed. Make sure to focus on areas prone to redness and dryness.
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    Rinse it off the moment you wake up. If you feel the oil doesn’t completely wash out, pat your face with a towel soaked in warm water first before rinsing it off with cold water.
how to get rid of redness on face

Why It Works:

Olive oil is a natural emollient which can prevent moisture loss.

If you have dry skin, this ingredient will help bring back the softness and firmness of your skin.

It also has Vitamin E which is usually found in anti-aging products. This antioxidant repairs damaged cells and protects the skin from free radical damage to prevent premature aging.

So, what does dry skin have to do with redness?

In some cases, redness can be caused by dry skin. It happens when the skin is too tight.

So, to avoid this condition, make it a habit to moisturize your skin.

Tip: If you don’t have olive oil, you can substitute it with rosehip seed, almond or coconut oils. They are equally great emollients.

Now, if you have acne-prone skin, you may want to stay away from this remedy as it has the potential to cause breakouts.

3. Aloe Vera Gel

Frequency: Twice a day, every day

How To Do It:

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    Take an aloe vera leaf. Then, using a knife, carefully slice it in half.
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    Scrape the gel off using your fingertips and apply it to your face without rinsing it off.
how to get rid of redness on face

Why It Works:

Several studies prove that aloe vera has potent anti-inflammatory properties. It has the compound called C-glucosyl chromone which is specifically found in its extracts.

Aloe vera even contains Vitamins C and E to protect the skin from free radicals.

You know what else has Vitamins C and E?

Our carefully-formulated Vitamin C serum also contains these antioxidants. Aside from improving the overall health of your skin, it can also soothe redness.

Tip: Be sure to use fresh aloe vera leaves. If you’re going to apply makeup over it, make sure to allow the aloe vera leaves to completely dry first.

4. Cucumber Slices

Frequency: Every night

How To Do It:

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    Take a whole cucumber and place it in the refrigerator. Let it chill for at least an hour.
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    Once it’s cold enough, take out the cucumber and cut it into thin slices.
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    Apply the slices to areas prone to redness and allow them to sit for around 20 minutes.
how to get rid of redness on face

Why It Works:

Although not that high, the water content of cucumbers helps hydrate dry skin. They are also a good source of vitamins and minerals that contribute to the skin’s overall health.

For example, cucumbers have Vitamin C to increase collagen production and restore your skin’s elasticity. They also contain biotin which helps heal dryness and maintain the integrity of the skin.

Tip: Avoid rubbing the slices on your skin. This will irritate the skin and aggravate any redness.


Redness is a sign of sensitive skin.

While this is true, you may also want to check your current skin condition.

Perhaps you have dry skin and the redness is your skin’s way of telling you it needs moisture.

Or maybe you’re dealing with acne. We all know redness will happen if you have acne.

If you’re not dealing with sensitivity or acne, these ways on how to get rid of redness on face are sure to work. You just have to find what’s right for you as some may not work for all skin types.

How about you? How do you deal with facial redness?

Hannah Do

Hannah is the founder of ThankYourSkin. Having personally battled acne during her younger years, she aspires to provide an invaluable guide to anyone suffering from it.

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