Dermese Vitamin C Serum 5% Review

Dermese Vitamin C Serum 5% Review

Product Name: Dermesse Vitamin C Serum 5%

Review Date: July 29, 2016


Dermesse Vitamin C Serum is one of the very few products that’s claimed to be gentle to use on sensitive skin. It’s created to help minimize the signs of skin aging while protecting you against free radical damage.

Here’s the thing:

Finding the right vitamin C serum for you can be hard. With the tons of products available on the market today, you have to really weigh your options before buying one.

And that is exactly what this article is all about. We’ve reviewed Dermesse Vitamin C Serum so you’ll know if it’s worth your money or not.

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About The Brand

Dermesse Vitamin C Serum comes from Axia Medical Solutions. It’s a skin care company that markets its products directly to skin care professionals and physicians.

Dermesse offers a wide range of products, including eye care, sun protection and acne solutions.

Main Ingredients

Dermesse enlists only 6 ingredients for its vitamin C serum. Aside from its ascorbic acid content, it also has propylene glycol, diglycerin and fragrance as some of its ingredients.

The product also has ethoxydiglycol which mainly functions as a solvent to thin the product out and Ceteth-20 which is an emollient.

Uses and Effects

Dermesse Vitamin C Serum has a lot of benefits to offer you. It has brightening, soothing and clarifying effects which you can expect from typical vitamin C serums.

However, what we like most about this product is that it also has repairing and anti-wrinkle properties. Because of these things, there’s a wider range of age group that can use this serum.

Dermesse claims that it’s suitable for teens and even mature skin. It’s even fit for all skin types.

It’s a good choice if you’re new to using vitamin C serums.

Despite this claim, we still suggest that you use caution with this product, especially if it’s your first time to try it out. It has fragrance that can cause sensitivity reactions if you’re skin is ultra delicate.


Dermesse Vitamin C serum is available in two concentrations: 5% and 10%.The product gets easily absorbed by the skin and dries to a silky finish. The formulation is gentle to use even on sensitive skin.

Dermesse claims that it’s safe enough to be used by teens on a daily basis.

One downside of this serum is the amount of information available about it. Since it’s directly supplied to physicians, you have to reach out to them if you want to know more about the product- or you can directly contact the company.

PackagingThe product is packaged in a 30mL amber tinted bottle. It includes a dropper for easier dispensing.

How To Use

Take two to three drops of the product and massage into the skin until it gets fully absorbed.

Before actually using the product, we suggest that you check its consistency and clarity first. During cold weather, the serum can easily turn cloudy.

It’s a good idea to warm the bottle first with your hands before dispensing any product out.

The Verdict

What We Like

  • Used by physicians
  • Gentle formulation
  • Fit for teen to mature skin

What We Didn’t Like

  • Very limited product information
  • Can turn cloudy during cold weather
  • No refund policy

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