6 Highly Effective Chin Acne Remedies You Should Try Today

6 Highly Effective Chin Acne Remedies
6 Highly Effective Chin Acne Remedies You Should Try Today

Want to know why chin acne is one of the most stubborn types of acne to deal with?

This is because products you use to treat acne on other parts of your face don’t necessarily work on your chin.

I know, this can be a bummer.

Luckily, there are lifestyle changes you can do to prevent or get rid of chin acne.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

Here now are 6 chin acne remedies and tips you can try to rid of those pimples for good.

1. Use Non-Comedogenic Products

We start our list of chin acne remedies with the most obvious one.

Acne, no matter where it’s located, is a result of clogged pores. Cosmetics are often filled with fragrances and substances that irritate the skin and cause pores to get blocked.

This is why it’s important to limit the use of makeup when treating chin acne.

How to use:

If you really need to use makeup, make sure they’re specially made for acne-prone skin. Such products ensure they’re free from irritants that could make acne worse.

Or, those labeled as non-comedogenic. This means they won’t clog your pores.

2. Use Benzoyl Peroxide

This ingredient is popular when searching for products on how to get rid of acne.

Available in different forms, benzoyl peroxide works by unclogging the pores and stopping the growth of acne-causing bacteria. You have to take note, however, that acne will worsen during the first few weeks.

Side effects include tingling, warming, and peeling of the skin. It may take 4 to 6 weeks before you see improvements in your pimples.

How to use:

Apply the product directly to acne-prone areas after washing your face. Do this every night and you will see significant changes in your acne.

But, if you’re 12 years old or below, it’s best to consult with your dermatologist first. Also, always begin with the lowest strength, which is usually a 2.5%, to see your skin’s reaction.

3. Try the Steaming Method

This next tip is for those who want a more natural way on how to clear chin acne.

This method works by opening the pores and improving blood circulation in the face.

It helps leave the face glowing, flushed, and with a healthy glow.

Most importantly, it makes blackheads and whiteheads easier to extract. However, this method alone won’t get rid of acne, so you have to do it in conjunction with other products.

How to use:

Start off with a clean face. Boil around 2 cups of water and transfer the hot water to a huge glass or ceramic bowl.

6 Highly Effective Chin Acne Remedies You Should Try Today

You can add a few drops of essential oils that help with acne. And then, with a towel over your head, steam your face for around 5-10 minutes.

Remember not to steam your face longer than the said time. This can make the face swell and if done excessively, can actually worsen acne.

Also, follow it up with a moisturizer. This is to prevent your face from drying out.

4. Mash Some Cloves

If you’re wondering how to treat chin acne the natural way, you may want to use this method.

When using this spice to treat acne, it is best when used as oil. Clove oil is best known for its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

It helps fight the signs of aging, too.

How to use:

There are two ways to use cloves for acne.

6 Highly Effective Chin Acne Remedies You Should Try Today

First, simply mash boiled cloves and apply the paste to acne-prone areas. Wait for around 20 minutes before washing it off.

Second is as oil. Combine 2 teaspoons of honey with 3 drops of oil, apply the mixture to face, and wait for a few minutes before rinsing it off.

It is important to take note that this oil is extremely potent. It can cause skin irritations, so use coconut oil or other carrier oils and never use it on its own.

5. Create a Sandalwood Mask

Yes, those small, brown cones that have a great smell.

Sandalwood has a lot of benefits to the body. One of those is its ability to calm the mind, which allows us to think better.

When it comes to the skin, sandalwood acts as an astringent to help promote clearer skin.

6 Highly Effective Chin Acne Remedies You Should Try Today

It is also antiviral and anti-inflammatory, making it great as a natural acne-buster.

How to use:

Make a face mask by combining besan flour, yogurt, and sandalwood powder.

Apply the mixture to the chin or to the face to help eliminate acne.

You’ll also have glowing skin, too.

6. Slice Some Tomatoes

Tomatoes boast of their astringent and cooling properties. They’re loaded with Vitamin C, so they are great if you have a dull complexion or are battling with acne.

6 Highly Effective Chin Acne Remedies You Should Try Today

They’re also highly acidic, meaning they help with oil production to balance the skin’s natural pH. They support healthy skin, thanks to their high levels of Vitamin A and antioxidants.

How to use:

Grab a tomato and mash it in a small bowl.

Apply the pulp to areas prone to acne and let it sit for 30 minutes before washing it off.

Do this method at least thrice a day.

Or, you can combine equal parts of cucumber and tomato juice in a small bowl. Then, using a cotton ball, apply the mixture to problem areas and wash it off once dry.

This method is great for acne scars and is best when done twice a day.

You will notice that pore size will also be reduced when using these methods.


Getting rid of chin acne requires more time and effort, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

All you have to do is make a few diet changes and take note of the products you’re using. These two should go hand in hand as you can’t expect one to work without the other.

And though I’ve included an OTC remedy, make sure to try the natural remedies as well. They work just as great without the side effects you get from prescription medications.

Have you dealt with chin acne before? What other remedies can you suggest to add to this list?


Dr Kathleen May Eusebio-Alpapara

A board-certified dermatologist who practices both medical and cosmetic dermatology

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