Obagi Professional C Serum Review

Product Name: Obagi Professional C Serum

Review Date: July 15, 2016

Rating: 4.2 star


Obagi Professional C is one of the few vitamin C serums that comes in three different strengths. Although the product works great in addressing hyperpigmentation and acne, its fragrance and alcohols content are two of the things you should consider first before giving this product a try.

It’s not enough that you know how well a skin care product can perform; you should also have a good idea of what it contains to give you that kind of result.

Understanding ingredient list can be tough, particularly if you have no prior knowledge of what the best vitamin C serum should and shouldn’t contain. As we are aware of this difficulty, here’s our review of the Obagi Professional C Serum, its performance as well as ingredients.

About The Brand

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Obagi is a skincare line that offers a complete system that can address almost all of your skin’s needs. Its products are available in three strengths to suit different skin types.

Its system includes toners, night creams and other skin care products which you can use in combination to improve your skin’s overall health.

Main Ingredients

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Obagi Vitamin C Serum utilizes ascorbic acid to protect your skin against UV damage as well as fight wrinkles and inflammation. It also has propylene glycol which helps retain and seal water in your skin.

Aside from ascorbic acid, you can also find ascorbyl glucoside in this serum. It’s a combination of ascorbic acid and glucose.

Its main function is to decrease UV damage and slow down cellular breakdown.

The product has alcohol which can be drying if you have extra sensitive skin. Another ingredient you should be aware of in this serum is its fragrance.

Use and Effects

People who have used Obagi Professional-C Serum found nd their skin glowing and supple after each use. Although there was little peeling, they saw a noticeable improvement in the size of their pores as well as their blackheads.

The serum also has a lot of long time users, some of them even claim to be using the serum for more than 5 years. For a product, this kind of loyalty from its customers speaks volumes on how effective it is.

Aside from managing acne spots and scars, the serum is helpful in treating existing cystic acne and bumps, too. It also helps tighten the skin.

One downside of the product is that it can be drying possibly because of its alcohol content. If you have sensitive skin or if you’re already struggling with dry skin, we recommend that you look for a serum that doesn’t include alcohol in its ingredient list.

Some users are also disappointed as the product carries a strong scent.


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Obagi claims that their serum is suitable to use on all skin types. But in case you’re in doubt of its effects on your skin, there are actually three strengths you can choose from.

The product is available in 10%, 15% and 20% solution. The price gets higher as the strength increases.The 10% vitamin C solution is recommended for people who have dry and sensitive skin. If you have normal to oily skin, then you’ll benefit from using the 20% serum.

The 15% serum is suitable for most skin types, given that they don’t react easily.

How To Use

This vitamin C serum should be applied on your skin after you cleanse and before you put on your moisturizer and sunscreen. Take at least 5 drops of the product to cover your entire face, neck and chest.

Upon application, you should expect a mild tingling sensation. As your skin gets desensitized with prolonged use, this effects shouldn’t bother you anymore.

You can increase your desired strength but we recommend giving the product at least 2 weeks to work or until you’ve used up the content of your bottle. If you experience irritation and redness, take a step back and go with your serum’s previous strength.


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The Obagi Professional-C Serum comes in a 30ml blue tinted bottle. Its packaging is a good choice since vitamin C degrades easily when it comes in contact with the sun.

Similar with other serums, Obagi also includes a dropper to its product.

The Verdict

What We Liked

  • Has three strengths to choose from
  • Lots of long term users
  • Improves pore size

What We Didn’t Like

  • Contains alcohol and fragrance
  • Can result to mild skin peeling
  • Can be drying to some people

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