Thank Your Skin’s Top 44 Natural and Organic Beauty Blogs To Follow

Thank Your Skin’s Top 44 Natural and Organic Beauty Blogs To Follow
Thank Your Skin's Top 100 Natural and Organic Beauty Blogs To Follow

Here at Thank Your Skin, we know you often have to trudge through too many uninformative sites to get to the good ones. As avid beauty blog readers, we'd like to help you with that.

Below, we've highlighted some of our favorite natural and organic beauty blogs that we think are worth following.

Please Note: The blogs featured here are arranged in no particular order. We're fans of all of them.

Viva Woman

Viva Woman

Viva Woman is a top-ranking organic skin care and holistic living beauty blog ran by Sesame from Singapore. Sun protection and acne treatments are two main areas of focus. Posts are enjoyable to read, but they're also packed with valuable information.

They'll breakdown the benefits and different uses of common ingredients like botanicals and preservatives. This site has easy DIY beauty projects galore. Now you can create your own tried and cost-effective beauty solutions like scrubs and facial masks at home.

Eminence Organics Blog (US)

Éminence Organic Skin Care

Eminence is a popular organic skin care line that's been around since 1958. It's a trusted company with a trustworthy blog. While some of their posts promote their own products, they do actually have a lot of other content that revolves around sharing more general skin care advice.

Plus, if you already like Eminence, then you'll learn about the best application of their products and how to combine them to best complete your beauty routine.



Kimberlyloc is not just a beauty blog; it's a lifestyle blog, too. It's a one-stop shop for information for natural beauty novices and experts alike.

Part of their mission is to provide honest and easy-to-read reviews. At this, they succeed. Sprinkled with relatable anecdotes and real application photos, creator Kim Wallace's reviews shine. The interviews are a defining feature. Creators of some well-known beauty lines, like Uma Oils, discuss products they use in their own regimens and their favorite beauty tips.

Edible Facial

edible facial

Sarita Coren is a busy mom and a green beauty pioneer. She not only manages a great beauty blog, but she has contributed to many top beauty magazines during her twenty years in the industry. Her pro tips are the real deal, delivering easy-to-implement advice and tricks that make you ask how you never thought of them.

Other favorite beauty bloggers of ours dish on their favorite products right now in the "Spill It!" section. Sarita recognizes the challenges of using natural products and responds by doling out practical advice that addresses them.

Beauty By Britanie

Beauty By Britanie

Natural beauty and holistic healing blogger Britanie promotes an inside-out approach to creating natural beauty. Britanie lives with several chronic illnesses. Researching alternative options is a personal journey and her readers are invited along for the ride.

Sections on DIY beauty, skin care and hair products are extensive, which mirror the detail and thoroughness found in the posts themselves. They can run a bit on the long side, but it's worth it. She really takes the time to pull an item apart, discussing all of its pros and cons.

Beauty Calypse


On a quest for ethical excellence, Nath Fedorova covers all facets of green beauty, personal care and fashion. She helps you find natural, ethical options for the hippest, most current trends. She only recommends products that are fair-trade, sustainable, chemical-free and kind to animals.

Many beauty blogs tend to air on the sweet side, but this one is a bit sassy and edgy, but not snarky. Her reviews go beyond the standard. For instance, the type of container used and its impact on the environment. With new posts published three times a week, there is always fresh content to peruse.

Living Pretty, Naturally

Living Pretty  Naturally

Living Pretty, Naturally is a lifestyle and beauty blog filled with no shortage of beauty-enhancing meals, eco-friendly cosmetics, healthy living tips and natural home products.

Be warned: though the site focuses on products without synthetic chemicals, fillers or parabens, not all products are 100% natural or organic. Content is light, easy to understand and enjoyable to read. Creator Kate, who I also a contributor to Lucky Magazine, infuses each piece with her personality.

Naturalla Beauty

Naturalla Beauty

Caitie, a Canadian, green beauty enthusiast, shares her own experiences and struggles with various beauty goals. She's all about affordable quality, helping readers unearth the best products without spending a fortune.

By posting lots of photos to see shades and application of natural and non-toxic products, Caitie ensures her readers get the best experiences from their products. Her product reviews are super thorough and written with a personal slant. She covers everything from cost to ingredients to application and even packaging woes. At times, it feels like you're peeking inside her beauty diary.

One Love Organics Blog

One Love Organics

One-Love Cosmetics is a high-quality, luxury skin care line that also runs their own beauty blog. They've created a sleek, luxe beauty blog that's as visually pleasing as it is packed with information.

Instructional videos and image-heavy posts ensure that you not only know of some great products, but how to best use them. They don't just promote their own line. Other luxury brands like Elizabeth Arden can also be found throughout the site. They genuinely want readers to find products they love that help them reach their skin care goals.

Organic Beauty Talk

Organic Beauty Talk

We love when bloggers share true, long-term experiences with products. Committed to honest reviewing, this site typically discloses the length of time a product was used before writing the review.

While posts are light and easy to read, they are also packed with information. You'll end each review understanding what the product does and doesn't do and why. From advice for incorporating the natural way into your travels to natural pet and home care products, this straightforward blog covers a broad spectrum of beauty-related interests. The content keeps fresh this way, never stale.

Feelgood Style

Feelgood Style

Product reviews and sustainable fashion in one place. While most natural beauty blogs are geared toward those who have already made the switch to natural products, this blog also helps novices. One of our favorite features is their following celebrity eco-beauty news.

Many people assume that natural beauty means you can't stay current. Feel Good Style disproves this theory. There's plenty of trend-focused news like shopping apps, new product launches and subscription beauty box finds. They have tutorials for recycling old clothes into new fashions and turning leftover veggies into sustainable homemade products. Healthy habits for an overall more beautiful, healthy you.

All Natural Aspirations

All Natural Aspirations

This blog was created by Rachel after her daughter inspired her to give up chemical-laden personal and home care products for green alternatives. As a busy, normal mom with a tight budget, Rachel is a great source for those who can't spent a fortune on good products.

Rachel also has a strong YouTube presence, providing a whole other way to absorb content. Her "First Impression" reviews capture the excitement of opening a new product and using it for the first time. They're often followed up later on with short but full reviews. Her hair and skin care advice helps you easily tackle your everyday beauty problems like offering up lazy ways to remove your makeup naturally and safely.

Holly Beth Organics Blog

HollyBeth Organics

This blog is part of the HollyBeth Organics skin care line's website created by HollyBeth Anderson. As a company, they're interested in uncovering the simplest, most natural beauty routines possible. This belief is reflected in their blog as well.

They recommend beauty products, as well as delve deep into individual ingredients themselves like carrot seed oil or argan oil. The ingredients are completely broken down so you know exactly what's in your beauty products, as well as what they do and how they do it.

The Love Vitamin

The Love Vitamin

Geared specifically towards those struggling with heavy acne, The Love Vitamin was created by Tracy Raftl. She once fought her own acne battle, and she's not afraid to plaster the evidence all over her website. Her mission is simple: help readers overcome acne woes without using harsh chemicals.

This blog is full of real life reader stories. Their experiences shed light on what it's like to live with embarrassing acne and overcome it to start enjoying life again. They reveal their paths to satisfying and holistic skin care regimens—what worked and what didn't.

Joyous Health Blog

Joyous Health

Joy McCarthy is a holistic nutritionist with a long list of beauty and food industry credentials. As you'd expect from someone with her own clean eating book, there's plenty of healthy recipes for achieving better skin and hair. Joy has also created a slew of DIY projects so you can create your own effective and eye-catching homemade products.

With a team of writers, as opposed to just one blogger like many beauty blogs, this site offers a wider range of writing styles and advice for readers to enjoy. This blog covers topics from beauty to fitness to holistic healing and wellness inspiration.

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care Blog

Lily Fresh Skin Care

Part of the Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care line, this blog is an encyclopedia of essential oils, botanicals, and vitamins. Benefits, uses and application are all discussed.

All their products are made on their organic farm. The content and style are pretty dry, but the comprehensive overview of the items ensures you can find products with ingredients that address your particular skin needs.

Natural Beauty Workshop

The Natural Beauty Workshop

Calling itself a workshop is no lie. This site doesn't really review individual beauty products. Instead, it primarily promotes making your own homemade concoctions. Though it does also offer up tips to make your existing products last longer, application tutorials, interviews with industry insiders and more.

Every beauty blog has a brown sugar body scrub or avocado face mask. Natural Beauty Workshop is different, though. It's bursting with unique skin care combinations like grapefruit and eucalyptus soap bars or a chickpea and almond sugar scrub. Readers are carefully walked through each step so even someone new to homemade products can have a successful first go.

Short, Small & Sweet

short, small & sweet

Ru is a green beauty enthusiast who prefers high-end products. She has a deep and comprehensive understanding of many of the best beauty lines you've probably never heard of. Her three major categories are healthy beauty, healthy eats and healthy living.

One great feature is her "Empties" column, where she reviews product she loved so much that she used them all up. By offering up a bevy of her own personal beauty struggles—and even some beauty fails—you grow to trust her opinion. She helps readers incorporate simple and natural beauty hacks into their everyday life to solve pesky beauty problems.

The Beauty Shortlist

The Beauty Shortlist

Mostly known for their yearly Beauty Shortlist Awards, The Beauty Shortlist was voted one of the UK's top beauty blogs two years in a row. While they have spent the last five years handpicking the best products on the market, not all selections are eco-friendly or natural.

Blogger Fiona Klonarides aims to keep the site at least 90% green. Beyond the shortlists, Fiona features other quick and fun-to-read travel and beauty articles. She covers a wide range of beauty products with an emphasis on anti-aging and acne care. She prefers high-end, luxurious items with high-quality ingredients.

Glamorganic Goddess

The Glamorganic Goddess

This healthy beauty and lifestyle blog written by Danielle Messina is sassy and funny. After winning her battle with breast cancer, she decided that she needed to live a more natural and better life. Did that mean sacrificing any of the glamour she was used to? She didn't think it should.

From skin care to hair and nails, Danielle wants to help readers find natural products that make them feel confident and pretty. We're big fans of her "Buy This, Not That" column where she provides eco-friendly swaps for harsher, less natural products. While many beauty blogs are organized by topic, Danielle also organizes by brand. It's even easier to find more products you know you'll love.

Biteable Beauty

Biteable Beauty

Biteable Beauty isn't just a cute name for a blog; it's a beauty philosophy. If you wouldn't eat it, it shouldn't be on your face. Here, Rebecca Goodyear chronicles her journey to better beauty. Short, fun posts get to the point quickly without sacrificing valuable information. When we think about skin care and beauty regimens, we often forget about fragrance. Fragrances can contain chemicals that are harsh on skin.

Biteable Beauty knows this and doesn't skimp on finding natural and safe alternatives that also smell great. Did we mention that she was ranked in the top ten of Who's Who of Natural Beauty in 2012, 2013 and 2015?

Tips for Natural Beauty

Tips for Natural Beauty for Skin and Hair

With an abundance of anti-aging and skin repair information, this blog offers practical advice geared towards moms and older women. Each post combines personal experiences with a breezy tone, making you feel like you're having a conversation with one of your friends, instead of reading a blog on the internet.

We appreciate blogs that accompany product reviews with pictures so we can see color and texture against real skin. So, of course, we like this one. Before and after pictures show readers real finished results.

The Organic Life Blog

The Organic Life   Be Happy. Stay Weird. Live Well.

Tara Mackey designed a sleek, high-end and stylish blog. Named one of Coco Eco's One to Watch in 2015, she makes sustainable beauty sexy. She's an environmental scientist and laboratory technician by training. Her high-energy posts are packed with information.

All the jargon and facts are off-set by the sprinkling of humor. Tara isn't afraid to put herself in the driver's seat to try anything from new vitamins to fringe DIY treatments. This leads to some pretty interesting stories and unexpected consequences.

Call It Vanity

Call It Vanity   The two faced beauty blog

This blog is run by best friends Sabrina and Mayah. They hope to help their readers avoid broken beauty promises by unearthing the best products that work for an array of conditions. These self-proclaimed high-maintenance divas want quality ingredients while keeping up with the latest makeup trends. This can sometimes be tricky with natural products, but they find solutions that work.

Their "Out & About" section introduces the latest green makeup, hair and skin care products right from their launches. The same column also takes readers inside the studios and labs of some of their favorite brands.

Well Beauty Blog

Well Beauty Blog — Natural   Organic Beauty  Health and Eco Living

Cori is a registered dietician. She combines her love of beauty products with her diehard environmentalism. She turns to green products to protect and preserve her skin while doing the same for the planet.

While she covers a variety of product types, Cori has a real passion for organic and natural fragrances. Posts are short and direct, but her descriptions are still vivid. You feel like you really know what the scent smells like without ever having sniffed it.

Mademoiselle Nature

Mademoiselle Nature

A lot of beauty blogs only share products that they love, but not Mademoiselle Nature. She's not afraid to post a negative review. In this way, her posts stay varied and unpredictable. Her topics are balanced.

She gives equal attention to reviews, ingredient spotlights, personal beauty anecdotes and tips. She views organic living as an appreciation for all the good things this planet has to offer. With a PhD in Biochemisty and Cell Biology, she uses her knowledge to dispel many myths about green and organic products.

The Best Organic Skin Care Blog

Blog Page   The Best Organic Skin Care

Sisters Andrea and Maria provide much of their information by skin type, making it easier for you to find products that will work best for you. The writing is conversational and cheerful. A lot of natural beauty blogs can get preachy.

You don't want to leave a blog feeling like you've just been scolded for not knowing better. No. You want to leave feeling inspired to make different choices. Andrea and Maria do just that. They hit those tough points with tact, never giving their readers the cold shoulder.

Yasou Skin Care Blog

YASOU Blog   Natural Skin Care Blog   Natural Skin Care Tips

YASOU Skin Care is a natural skin care line inspired by the Mediterranean. While skin care is in their name, their blog wants to help readers improve all aspects of their health, naturally. Creator Theodora Ntovas' believes that health and happiness leads to beauty.

Recommending natural and eco-friendly skin care products is just one aspect of that. She doesn't just review products, though. Theodora goes beyond that by giving out practical advice. How to properly read labels, for instance. Or how the ingredients we know and love today were first incorporated into beauty regimens by civilizations like Ancient Greece.



Millennial skin care advice from a millennial. This blog is a casual, fun and pun-filled approach to beauty advice with a cool, modern slant. Videos and hashtags make content easily digestible for young beauty enthusiasts. Rather than resorting to dry, unoriginal overviews of products, she writes about her own experiences.

These anecdotes shed light on key attributes of the products. She even has a whole section dedicated to recapping her skincare profile and goals so her readers know exactly how to adjust her experiences to inform their own purchases.

Bailey Blush

Bailey Blush   the natural beauty product blog

Bailey Rose. This little lady started out as a makeup artist. Bailey's blog mixes her personal life, like her struggle with Postpartum Depression, with makeup and skin care advice. Her writing feels like a conversation with a knowledgeable and worldly older sister.

She reminds us why we love beauty products in the first place—to feel good about ourselves and to feel beautiful. She aspires to live a beautiful life in all respects, so of course her blog is filled with enviable pictures from her travels and flawless makeup looks. Of course, she also loves helping her readers out with plenty of free giveaways. That's never a bad thing.

Smells Like A Green Spirit

Smells like a Green Spirit

Green spirit is right! Liz is concerned with living a conscious life, which means turning to green products and holistic care for beauty problems. Liz's green spirit segues from natural skin care and makeup products to fashion and lifestyle concerns. Her "Make the Green Switch" became one of her staples.

She points out natural alternatives for your top mainstream brands like Victoria's Secret and Hourglass. Her "Liz Loves" column is a grab bag of great products and lifestyle trends with which she's currently obsessed.

Beauty Blog by Ms. Toi

Healthy Beauty Blog by Ms Toi   Beauty Blog by Ms Toi

Toi takes her job of supplying natural beauty advice very seriously. She didn't convert to natural beauty like most bloggers in her world. Instead, she was raised surrounded by natural remedies and products. Ms. Toi aims to breakdown scientific principles into layman's terms for easy understanding and application. We love that she addresses controversial issues head on, like how some brands use creative labeling and misunderstandings to sell products to uneducated buyers.

One of her newest but greatest features highlights garden-to-table cosmetics, taking DIY beauty to the next level. Not only are you encouraged to create your own beauty concoctions, but to do so by growing the ingredients yourself.

Naturally Paula


Naturally Paula primarily focuses on cosmetics and skin care products, but she will veer off into vitamins and superfoods. Paula loves to post pictures of the products open or in swatches on her skin. She sometimes even posts pictures of herself wearing a full makeup application at the end of the review. This is the best way to get a real sense of color range and coverage.

She has also created multiple looks for those products. By using them in different ways, she shows how a little creativity helps your products do more and stretch further. After all, doesn't everyone want a cost-effective beauty routine?

Real Food Liz

Real Food Liz   Nutrition  natural skincare    healthy baby makin

Liz is a best-selling author and nutritional therapy practitioner. Her skincare advice is rooted in healthy eating, getting good looking skin from the inside-out.

With lots of natural products for baby, it's a great site for mothers who want to relieve and prevent skin irritants for their children.

Mukti Organics Blog

Mukti Organics   Australian certified organic skincare cosmetic products. Plant based  natural facial  body and hair care.

Mukti Organics is an online store for natural beauty products. They also run a blog dedicated to all things natural and simple while focusing on quality. Just because something's natural doesn't mean it can't be luxurious. This is what Mukti Organics sets out to prove.

Rather than review other companies' beauty products or even their own, they deliver helpful information. Their topics range from debunking natural skincare myths to highlighting how exercise can lead to better skin.

Tailor Skin Care Blog

Skincare Blog

This beauty company's blog does frequently feature their own high-quality products. However, they also provide quality information on ingredients and helpful tips for using products correctly.

They aim to help readers create better skin care routines. This starts by encouraging them to develop better habits that improve skin to provide the best canvas possible for products.

Organic Beauty Source

ORGANIC BEAUTY SOURCE   Your source for all things organic beauty.

Liz Thompson provides a modern and sophisticated approach to organic beauty and wellness. Her site features a number of unique columns. For instance, "Reconstructed" is a fresh take on your traditional product swapping advice. She finds organic alternatives for the mainstream monthly picks featured in monthly fashion magazines.

Her "Real Lookers" column where she reviews a product's packaging is another fun read. Liz makes organic skin care accessible by promoting affordable products that are available at brick and mortar stores like Target and Whole Foods.

NatuRia Beauty

NatuRia Beauty

Ria uses her blog, in part, to build a community. One way she achieves this is through beauty swaps. This is where one organic beauty enthusiast buys a gift for another fan of the site. We love the idea of sharing products you love with someone else.

Her brand spotlights are another great feature. She reviews a whole line of products from one brand. The tone is light and friendly, turning even her longer posts into quick, fun reads.

The Organic Beauty Blog

The Organic Beauty   Natural  Radiant Beauty from the Inside Out

Natasha Uspensky is a holistic nutrition counselor. While the site has a lot to offer to help women overhaul their lives, their beauty section is not to be missed. She covers the whole spectrum—travel essentials to reviews of beauty lines to eating your way to healthier skin.

This well-informed blogger offers endless hints and how-tos for naturally nurturing the best skin you can. Her gift guides are packed with reviewed and vetted products that shouldn't disappoint.

The Green Product Junkie

The Green Product Junkie

If you're looking for great green products without the cost, then definitely check out The Green Product Junkie. It regularly features news about sales and promotional offers for items from some very high-end brands. Another reoccurring feature is recreations of some of Katie's favorite makeup looks using only green products.

Think you can't look like Brigitte Bardot with only natural products? Think again. Her product reviews are thorough, covering everything from ingredients to the packaging. It started as a search for a natural alternative to deodorant, but it turned into an all-out obsession with green beauty products.

Eminence Organics Blog (AU)

Eminence Organics Blog   Natural Organic Skin Care

Eminence's skin care line is a popular natural choice. Their blog features a whole section dedicated to skin care for mothers. You can learn about how to minimize stretchmarks, prevent diaper rash and anti-aging serums all in the same place.

Simply put, it's packed with tips for busy moms to create effective and quick routines that fit their schedules. Yes, the product videos do specifically demonstrate their product line. However, the techniques and ingredient information can also be applied to other non-Eminence products in your beauty bag.

Lisa Lise Blog

LisaLise   Natural Skin Care

Having created her own natural skin care line, Lise Andersen knows firsthand what combination of ingredients create the most effective and healthy products. She offers a bevy of DIY beauty projects with tons of supplemental resources.

For instance, she offers a library of ingredients so you can customize projects to suit your individual needs. Her INCI dictionary is a nice feature, providing an index of ingredient common names alongside scientific names.

Organic Beauty Blogger

Organic Beauty Blogger

The Organic Beauty Blogger forgoes complicated scientific jargon in her reviews and instead focuses on results. She also provides a key piece of information that many beauty bloggers overlook—price. She definitely lets you know if you're getting your money's worth.

One of the more unique features is when she details and reviews her own current skin care routines. Instead of just reviewing how individual products work as standalones, you learn how those pieces can appropriately fit into an overall regimen.

The Beauty Idealist

The Beauty Idealist

Written in a punchy, perky tone, this blog is a fun read. With a taste for the finer things in life, Neiman-Marcus-counter-girl-turned-blogger Fabiana mixes luxury with sustainable beauty. Her product reviews are detailed and rich with vibrant descriptions that make you feel like you're holding the product live in your very own hands.

They're also nicely organized into sub-sections like first impressions, her experience and the final verdict. It helps you find the information you're looking for quicker, but also keeps your attention as the reviews can run long.


There's so many products on the market and not enough time to cover them all. This creates a slew of beauty blogs out there. Finding a blog you truly enjoy reading that also provides worthwhile information can be a time-consuming task. We hope this list provides you with at least a couple of new blogs that are relevant to you.

What keeps you returning to your favorite beauty blogs?

Thank Your Skin’s Top 44 Natural and Organic Beauty Blogs To Follow

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