The Best Serum for Oily Skin – 2023 Reviews and Top Picks

The Best Serum for Oily Skin

In our commitment to give you nothing but the best products for your money’s worth, we’re presenting this roundup of the best serums for oily skin.This list is the result of almost 16 hours of hard work ranking products based on their capability to control oil while providing extra skin benefits.

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The Best Serum for Oily Skin – 2023 Reviews and Top Picks

Sunday Riley A+ High-Dose Retinoid SerumSunday Riley A+ High-Dose Retinoid Serum

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The Best Serum for Oily Skin – 2023 Reviews and Top Picks

Eau Thermale Avene XeraCalm A.D Lipid-Replenishing Cream

Other Products

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo

If you are hard-pressed to find a serum that can even out your skin tone without making your skin oilier than it already is, then Eminence Stone Crop Serum is your best pick. It has high water retention properties and leaves your skin matte and shine-free.

Vitamin C is beneficial for oily skin and that's why Cosmetics Skin Solution Vitamin C+E Serum has made it to our list. Containing a pH of 3, this serum can prevent excess oil production and even skin breakouts in the long run.

Containing an oil-free formulation, Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum is a perfect choice for those who want to have younger-looking skin without the greasy and sticky feeling that come in other serum.

Jan Marini Skin Research Age Intervention Peptide Extreme is highly recommended to people struggling with oily skin and wrinkles. It has a great combination of ingredients that can restore youthful skin.

2017’s Reviews of The Best Serums for Oily Skin





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Glass bottle with dropper



Glass bottle with dropper



Glass bottle with dropper


1 oz

Pump bottle

#1 - Eminence Stone Crop Serum 4.5

Best Serum for Oily Skin - Eminence Stone Crop Serum

Eminence Stone Crop Serum is primarily developed to reduce hyperpigmentation and even out the skin tone. It comes from, as the name implies, stonecrop.

I must admit I really had no idea what this ingredient was but it turned out that it’s a hardy succulent. It’s a plant that has a high ability to withstand extreme conditions and can retain water well.

Just reading these benefits can give you an idea of why the product made it to this list. But, is it any good for oily skin?


The serum feels like applying aloe vera but without the grease and sticky feeling. It leaves a matte finish while making sure your skin is smooth, moisturized and tight.

What We Like:

  • Leaves matte finish
  • Non-greasy
  • Great moisturizing property

What We Didn’t Like:

  • A bit costly for its size
  • Can cause breakouts

#2 - Cosmetics Skin Solution Vitamin C+E Serum 15%

Best Serum for Oily Skin review - Cosmetics Skin Solution Vitamin C+E Serum

Cosmetics Skin Solution Vitamin C+E Serum 15% has already been mentioned in our reviews and I’m including it in this roundup for the best serum for oily skin for the exact same reasons.

Vitamin C is considered beneficial for oily skin since it’s capable of clearing out clogged pores that can result in excessive oil production. It can also improve your skin’s immunity so you’ll be less prone to acne and breakouts.

Using serums containing the vitamin can mean getting more than just a temporary solution to your skin issue. Aside from that, this vitamin C serum also has vitamin E to protect your skin against free radical damage.

What’s even impressive about the product is that it also provides UV protection.

Despite the handful of benefits it offers for oily skin, you still shouldn’t take its use lightly. Since this one has a low pH level of 3, make sure you test it out first before completely applying on your face.

It’s also a bit on the expensive side. For its price, you only get as much as 30ml.

What We Like:

  • Has vitamin C and E
  • Has antioxidants
  • Can protect against UV damage

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Expensive
  • Not for sensitive skin
  • Scent can be an issue

#3 - Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum

Top rated Serum for Oily Skin - Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum

Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum can show improvements in the way your skin looks in just 4 weeks. It has a satin soft texture that can get rid of your existing dark spots as well as prevent new ones from forming.

Take note that each skin type reacts differently to products. Although there were people who experienced quick results with this serum, there are also cases where it took a long time before dramatic results were seen.

For your oily skin, you’ll love that this one has an oil-free formulation. It gets absorbed as soon as applied on the skin.

One issue I find with this product is its packaging. Ideally, serums that have ingredients that are air and light sensitive shouldn’t come in clear bottles with droppers. You can remedy that issue by keeping the opening as small as possible when dispensing.

What We Like:

  • Oil-free
  • Can increase collagen production
  • Quickly absorbed

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Some experienced delayed effects
  • Packaging can compromise integrity of the serum

#4 - Jan Marini Skin Research Age Intervention Peptide Extreme

Top picks Serum for Oily Skin - Jan Marini Skin Research Age Intervention Peptide Extreme

Jan Marini Skin Research Age Intervention Peptide Extreme is a lightweight serum that won’t make your skin feel greasy. It’s jam packed with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid to rebuild damaged skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

If you have mature skin that tends to oil up quickly, this product is a good addition to your skincare routine. It’s lightweight and doesn’t cause breakouts.

The product, being the 4th step in the Jan Marini line, comes in a sleek pump bottle which holds 1 fluid ounce. For its size and price, it is an expensive investment for your skin.

One thing nice about the product is that you don’t really have to use much for each application so one bottle can last you a long time.

What We Like:

  • Nice packaging
  • Water-based
  • Has good anti-aging ingredients

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Expensive

Reviews and Comparisons of The Best Serum for Oily Skin


Best Overall

2nd choice

3rd choice

4th choice

Top-Rated Serum for Oily Skin 2017

Best Serum for Oily Skin comparisions - Eminence Stone Crop Serum
Best Serum for Oily Skin comparisions - Cosmetics Skin Solution Vitamin C+E Serum
Best Serum for Oily Skin comparisions - Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum
Best Serum for Oily Skin comparisions - Jan Marini Skin Research Age Intervention Peptide Extreme


Eminence Organic Skin Care

Cosmetic Skin Solutions LLC


Jan Marini

Key benefits

Skin lightening, even skin tone

UV protection, brightens and evens out skin

Smoother, brighter-looking skin

Reduces appearance of wrinkles





Soft and smooth

Key Ingredients

Stone Crop Juice & Pulp

Vitamin C

Honeysuckle flower extract, grapefruit extract, vitamin E

non-fragrant safflower oil, glycerin, ceramides

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What Are Face Serums?

Serums are those skin care products you have to apply on your skin right after you cleanse it. They are supposed to deliver moisture, nutrients and a handful of other skin benefits that will depend on what your serum is made of.

Although they have the same purpose as moisturizers, the two are actually a world different. Well, not exactly.

Unlike moisturizers, face serums have smaller molecules which make them easily absorbed by the skin. They are packed with very powerful and highly concentrated ingredients.

These features make them a great help in addressing progressive skin issues. Just think about wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet.

Conventionally, serums used to be water-based before. However, as more people got interested in face oil, a lot of companies decided to market them as serums, too.

You can use either of the two, as long as your skin agrees with the product. Having oily skin means you’re more prone to breakouts and you shouldn’t keep that off of your mind when selecting products.

If you are going to use water-based serums, you need to apply them under your creams. They have smaller molecules which can easily penetrate your skin.

Oil-based serums, on the other hand, should be applied on top of your creams. They have larger molecules which are meant to keep everything underneath them last longer and more hydrated throughout the day.

Now, let’s talk about essences.

In a sense, serums and essences are the same. They only differ in texture in that serums are more concentrated while essences are more liquidy and runnier.

Serums are generally expensive since they contain potent ingredients.

A Guide To Using The Best Serum for Oily Skin

For oily skin, it’s a good idea to pick serums that can provide you with good anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and soothing benefits. Some of the best ones to pick are salicylic acid, retinoids and vitamin C.

When it comes to usage, here are some ideas to help you out.

Apply in the right order

Ideally, skin care products should be applied according to their textures. You should start with ones with the thinnest consistency and work your way towards your thickest product.

In this sense, serums should be applied before your moisturizer. But then again, you should still consider the base of your serum to ensure that it gets absorbed properly.

Be patient

No skin care product works in an instant and that applies to serums, too. Give it time to do its magic and don’t give up if you don’t see any changes in a few days.

Aside from the effects, you should also be patient when it comes to application. Wait until the serum gets fully absorbed before you apply another product on your face.

Once the serum has penetrated the skin, it will be easier for the other products to reach your skin’s deeper layers.

Avoid overdoing it

Serums are already concentrated so there’s really no need to apply tons of it on your face. Apply less and your skin will thank you for it.

Ensure proper storage

The wrong storage can shorten your serum’s life which is why it should be packaged in dark tinted glass bottles. Aside from packaging, you should also keep your serum in cool, dry place.

One good trick I personally use is keeping my serums chilled. It makes them more refreshing to apply and prevents them from going bad early.


Serums aren’t that common to a lot of people. If you haven’t invested in one, it’s probably a good idea to make the investment as early as now.

For this roundup, we’re selecting Eminence Stone Crop Serum as the best serum for oily skin. It leaves a matte finish and offers a high water retention property.

It’s the perfect choice to keeping your skin hydrated without the shine and grease.

 Recommendation by Doctor

The Best Serum for Oily Skin – 2023 Reviews and Top Picks

Product Recommendation

One of the best serums that comes to mind for oily skin is A+ high-dose retinoid serum. It contains retinol which we all know can control oil production, increase skin renewal and prevent and fight the signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation. This serum has 5% retinoid ester blend and 1 % retinol blend and 0.5% blue green algae which is a natural retinoid source for more potent action. It also has COQ10 that helps fight UV-induced skin damage for a more balanced complexion. To balance the irritating potential of the retinol, this product has Hawaiian white honey which is rich in phytonutrients and a natural humectant to retain skin moisture. With all these benefits, this product doesn’t come cheap at a price of $122. But with a global rating of 4.9 out 5, this must be worth every penny.

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