Best Face Washes For Men With Oily Skin – 2023 Reviews and Top Picks

best face wash for men for oily face

If you have oily skin, you’ll probably have a good idea how irritating it is to feel your face greasing up after just a few minutes of washing it.

Although annoying, oily skin problems in men aren’t too hard to resolve. In fact, using products that are specifically formulated for your skin type may be enough to end your oily face problems.

Doctor's Choice

Best Face Washes For Men With Oily Skin – 2023 Reviews and Top Picks

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Medicated Gel Acne Face Wash,

Other Products

Best Face Washes For Men With Oily Skin – 2023 Reviews and Top Picks

Eau Thermale Avene XeraCalm A.D Lipid-Replenishing Cream

Other Products

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo

To help you out, we’re listing down the 5 best face washes for men with oily skin we’ve found. These products contain ingredients that can help cut down your face’s greasiness without smelling too feminine.

Lavo Clarifying Facial Cleanser is packed with a lot of potent ingredients that includes salicylic, lactic and glycolic acid. It's also infused with Botanical Extracts to keep oiliness at bay.

It has a mild minty scent that isn't overpowering. It lathers but doesn't foam up when used.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Cleanser for Oily Skin can keep your skin looking matte for several hours. Although it can strip excessive oil, it won't leave your skin too dry.

OZ Naturals Facial Cleanser is also effective in clearing out oil. In comparison, however, this product has 97.4% natural ingredients.

In contrast with the other products, Basis Cleaner Clean Face Wash can make your skin feel a bit dry after use. However, as for effectiveness, a lot of users claim that it's effective in addressing their skin's oiliness.

If you're troubled with blackheads other than oily skin, then Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam can be the right fit for you. Aside from keeping your face oil-free for several hours, it's also effective in clearing out blackheads.

Reviews of the Best Face Washes For Men With Oily Skin

Lavo Clarifying Facial Cleanser Reviews

This product is specifically formulated for oily and blemished skin. It has salicylic and lactic acid which are both considered effective in preventing breakouts, particularly in oily and acne-prone skin.

It can also shed away dead skin cells with its Alpha and Beta Hydr oxy Acid contents. To minimize your skin’s oiliness, this cleanser has Vitamin B and Botanic Extracts.

In using the product, you should take note that although it lathers up a bit, it doesn’t foam up. It’s easy to wash off and will leave your skin feeling refreshed.

The consistency is thin and it has a clear color. As for the scent, it has a faint minty smell.

People who have tried the product have seen visible improvements in their skin. They even noticed the product drying up their acne without dehydrating the rest of the skin.

One downside of this cleanser is that it may not be suitable to use on highly sensitive skin. There are, on the other hand, a few people who found the formulation of the product not enough for them.

Things We Liked

  • Contains several potent ingredients for controlling acne
  • Easy to wash off
  • Makes skin feel refreshed after use

Things We Didn't Like

  • May not be good to use on sensitive skin

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Cleanser for Oily Skin

This cleanser can effectively reduce your skin’s oiliness while maintaining its natural pH. It also doesn’t completely strip off its moisture to prevent overdrying.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Cleanser for Oily Skin Reviews

It’s alcohol and soap-free which makes it gentle enough to use twice a day. To get the most out of the product, it’s recommended that you use lukewarm water in turning the product into foam and in rinsing it off.

The cleanser is concentrated which means a little amount goes a long way. Users tell that one tube can last them for several months.

Aside from controlling oil, the product also works well in clearing up and soothing red and blotchy skin. It can keep your skin matte for several hours.

The cleanser actually costs higher than your typical face cleansers. Although a few users argue that it’s expensive for a cleanser, there are a lot of people that say the product is worth every cent.

Things We Liked

  • Can keep the skin matte
  • Doesn’t overdry the skin
  • Gentle to use even twice a day

Things We Didn't Like

  • May be expensive for some
OZ Naturals Facial Cleanser Reviews

Packed with spirulina, giant sea kelp and rose hips extracts, this cleanser from OZ Naturals is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin but effective in unclogging pores. It’s organic and doesn’t contain alcohol, paraben or even sulfate.

It also has more than 92 ocean minerals to help repair your skin. We also like that it has Vitamin E to provide a good source of antioxidants.

The consistency of the product is thin and a bit watery. It cleanses the skin without leaving it feeling tight and dry.

Because of its ingredients, the cleanser has an “organic scent” that tends to fade away as soon as you rinse it off. In using the product, we strongly recommend that you take extra caution when using it near the eye area as it can cause a burning irritation.

Things We Liked

  • Can be used on oily but sensitive skin
  • Has Vitamin E
  • Doesn’t leave the skin dry and tight

Things We Didn't Like

  • Expensive for the quantity you’ll get
  • Can sting the eyes

Basis Cleaner Clean Face Wash

Basis Cleaner Clean Face Wash is 100% oil and soap-free. Aside from that it’s good in addressing excess oil, it’s also effective in lifting away dirt that can clog your pores.

Basis Cleaner Clean Face Wash Reviews

It has mint, aloe botanicals and mint to make your skin feel refreshed after wash. As for its scent, it goes with a neutral smell.

It starts out clear and turns white once you’ve foamed it up. After use, make sure to apply the right moisturizer as it can leave your skin a bit dry.

Despite its mild drying effect, it still works well even on those with sensitive skin. A lot of users have actually been using the product for a long time.

Things We Liked

  • Soap-free
  • Also effective in unclogging pores
  • Makes your skin feel refreshed

Things We Didn't Like

  • Mild drying effect for some people
Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam Reviews

If you have large pores on top of your oily skin problems, then we strongly suggest checking this product out. A lot of users say that their skin has dramatically improved after using it.

In fact, they noticed that their skin is less dull and looks more refreshed. They even experienced receiving compliments for the improvements.

It contains a few beads that melt as soon as rubbed on the face. It foams up but not excessively.

After wash, it will take several hours, around 6 to 8, before you notice your skin mildly oil up.Aside from pore size, it can also help clear up blackheads and other skin impurities.

The consistency is thick which may leave a slight residue on your skin.

Things We Liked

  • Addresses both large pores and oily skin
  • Effective in clearing out blackheads
  • Affordable price

Things We Didn't Like

  • Thick consistency
  • Leaves residue on skin after wash

The Best Way To Take Care of Oily Skin

Aside from using the right product, you can also use the following essential tips in taking care of your oily skin:

  • For people with oily skin, it’s relatively easy to confuse oiliness with moisture. If you don’t regularly apply moisturizer, the tendency of your skin is to produce more oil to protect itself.
  • Find moisturizers that are lightweight and oil-free. You may also want to find a product that doesn’t contain fragrances
  • Exfoliation is essential for every skin type. For your skin, however, it’s not recommended to exfoliate too often as it will only trigger more oil production.
  • Choose shaving products that don’t contain alcohol.
  • Establish a good skin care routine and stick with it.

What To Look For In a Face Wash For Men With Oily Skin

The best face wash for you should be able to control your skin’s excessive oil production without over drying it. It should also be able to address your large pores and the coarseness of your skin.

In choosing the right product, here are a few characteristics and ingredients you should keep an eye out for:

  • It should be oil and soap-free.
  • Finding a wash that includes mild exfoliators is also recommended.
  • It may also include salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide to prevent acne formations.
  • Geranium oil is also a good ingredient to have in a face wash. It has both antiseptic and soothing properties.
  • Coconut-based cleansers are recommended as well. They can assist in deep cleansing without intense drying effect.


For this roundup, we're placing Lavo Clarifying Facial Cleanser as the best face wash for men with oily skin. With a mild minty scent, it can leave your skin oil-free and feeling refreshed.

We particularly like that the product contains lactic, glycolic and salicylic acid. Aside from oil-control, it's also helpful in mild exfoliation.

The product is also good to use on acne breakouts as it can dry up pimples without compromising the integrity of the rest of your skin.

 Recommendation by Doctor

Best Face Washes For Men With Oily Skin – 2023 Reviews and Top Picks

Product Recommendation

One brand of facial wash that comes to mind when dealing with oily skin is La Roche-Posay Effaclar Medicated Gel Acne Face Wash. It has Lipohydroxy Acid (LHA) which can exfoliate and renew the skin especially when one has excess oil. It is a derivative of salicylic acid hence it’s also good for acne-prone skin. LHA can also stimulate collagen production. Aside from this, this product also contains salicylic acid which can dry up acne lesions. It can also penetrate through the skin to control oil production and remove white and black heads, as well as preventing their formation. It can also cool the skin since it has menthol. This product is dermatologist-tested to be good for oily as well as acne-prone skin."

Best Face Washes For Men With Oily Skin – 2023 Reviews and Top Picks

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