The 3 Best Dermarollers That Can Make You Look Years Younger

The 3 Best Dermarollers That Can Make You Look Years Younger

At first glance, you’ll probably find derma rollers intimidating and scary to use. However, contrary to how they look, derma rollers are actually effective in reducing the severity of scars.

Because of its effectiveness, it isn’t surprising to find tons of brands marketing their own version of derma rollers. If you can’t decide on which among these brands you should choose, then our review of the best derma rollers can surely help you make that final pick.

Bonsai Skin Care 5 in 1 Super Facial Skin Cleaner Face Care Tools comes with 4 interchangeable roller heads and a disinfection kit. We particularly liked that it comes with its own sanitation case which you can use right after the procedure.

Although it does have quality needles, the lack of proper labels for the roller heads is a common concern for users. As for effectiveness, a large number of people found it effective in addressing scars and fine lines.

Bonsai SC, BEST Enhanced Total Body Kit by Puruskin comes with colorful roller heads that can help you determine which size to use on a specific body part. Aside from ease of use, it also comes with an ebook and video tutorial that will guide you throughout the procedure.

Its needles are also titanium which makes them effective in minimizing stretch marks and wrinkles. For the face roller, however, since it comes in a thin strip, you may need to roll the kit more to achieve its best effects.

If you are new to dermarolling, you can try out Airblasters Derma Microneedles . It gives you the option to buy just the size you need.It's easy to manipulate and includes 540 needles in all its roller heads. One issue with this brand, which you have to be cautious of, is the quality of its needles.

Reviews of The Best Derma Rollers





The 3 Best Dermarollers That Can Make You Look Years Younger

*At the time of publishing, the price was $14.45


The 3 Best Dermarollers That Can Make You Look Years Younger

BEST Enhanced Total Body Kit by Puruskin

*At the time of publishing, the price was $29.97


The 3 Best Dermarollers That Can Make You Look Years Younger

*At the time of publishing, the price was $9.99


5 in 1 Super Facial Skin Cleaner Face Care Tools For Wrinkles Acne Scars Skin Body Roller by Bonsai SC

This Bonsai Skin Care Dermaroller System is a 5 in 1 kit that promises to make your skin more radiant. The box includes 4 attachments that are easy to interchange.

The 3 Best Dermarollers That Can Make You Look Years Younger

The smallest needle size you’ll get from this set is 0.5mm, with 1.5mm as its largest. There’s also a pen type roller with a size 2.0mm head.

Aside from these roller heads, you’ll also get a disinfecting kit. There’s even a nice case for storing your set after use.

People who used the kit liked that the needles are sturdy and made of titanium. They’re also satisfied with the positive changes they experienced with their scars and fine lines.

One thing they didn’t like about the product is that its nice gold paint seems to chip off after being soak in alcohol a few times. The lack of proper label for the needle heads is also a great concern for most users.

Things We Liked

  • Quality needles
  • 4 needle sizes to choose from
  • Comes with a sanitation case

Things We Didn't Like

  • Unclear instructions
  • Needle labels can be an issue
  • Paint or color easily chips off

BEST Enhanced Total Body Kit by Puruskin

This set is a 3 in 1 kit containing rollers that are specifically meant for your face, eye area and your body. The roller heads comes in different colors so you’ll know exactly which one to use for a certain body part.

The 3 Best Dermarollers That Can Make You Look Years Younger

It also comes with a protective cover to make storing and changing roller heads easy and safe. Its titanium needles come in 0.5mm, 1mm and 1.5mm sizes.

Aside from the rollers, you also get an ebook and a video tutorial on how to properly use the product. If you are new to dermarolling, we highly suggest you to give this product a try.

People who bought the kit found it helpful in addressing stretchmarks and wrinkles. A few of them specifically used the derma roller on their necks and got the results they were hoping for.

One area of concern for this product involves its 0.5mm roller head. Since it’s what’s commonly used on the face, users felt that it should come in a wider strip to lessen the number of times you need to roll it on the face.

Things We Liked

  • Color coded roller heads
  • Protective covering
  • Includes an ebook and video tutorials

Things We Didn't Like

  • Thin needle strip for the face roller
  • May need to roll more on the face

Airblasters Derma Microneedle

If you’re just starting out with dermarolling and want a product that won’t overwhelm you, we highly suggest this derma roller. Airblasters sells their wands separately.

The 3 Best Dermarollers That Can Make You Look Years Younger

You can choose from three different sizes. Its smallest is 0.5mm at $8.99 while its largest 1.5mm needle roller is priced at $7.99.

All roller heads come with 540 needles. Users find these rollers very easy to manipulate and use on the skin.

They are also very helpful in diminishing scars, particularly the box type. Its smallest needle size is good to use if you want to prep your skin for creams and serums.

One important thing to note with this product is the quality of its needles. There are some people who noticed that they easily rust while some users received their rollers with bent needles.

This concern isn’t actually limited to this product. In fact, in every derma roller you buy, we strongly encourage you to check your tool first prior to use to avoid injuries.

Things We Liked

  • Option to buy just what you need
  • Easy to use
  • Good for starters

Things We Didn't Like

  • Complains about bent needles

Things You Need to Consider When Buying a Dermaroller

When you’re new to dermarolling, it’s relatively easy to think that all tools are the same. While they may look similar, there are a few features that make certain dermarollers stand out.

In selecting the best dermaroller, here are 5 things you should keep an eye out for:

Needle Size

In general, needle sizes for derma rollers range between 0.25mm to 3.0mm. You should pick the size depending on your target area and your skin concern.

For your face, you shouldn’t use rollers that have needles larger than 1.5mm. The most ideal size for the face and any skin condition is between 0.75mm to 1.0mm.

For scars that are shallow and for large pores, you can start with 0.5mm needles. In case you’re targeting stretchmarks and pitted scars, you can go for a bigger needle size, given that you are skilled and knowledgeable enough to use them.

Number of Needles

As much as possible, you should aim for rollers with a more compact number of needles. If a derma roller has 200 needles or less, it means they’re very sparse and won’t give you too much benefits.

Newer derma rollers have around 540 needles. They are less painful but more effective in stimulating collagen production.

Type of Roller Head

For convenience, you should find a dermaroller with an interchangeable head. Aside from ease of use, multiple roller heads can also help you cut the cost of the tool.

Protective Cover

To prevent dulling and bending of needles, you should get a dermaroller with a protective cover. Aside from needle protection, this cover can also prevent unwanted injuries while changing the roller heads.

Quality of Needles

For your safety, we recommend looking for dermarollers with titanium needles. Aside from durability, these needles are also sharper than generic needles made of steel.

How Derma Rollers Really Work

Prior to dermarolling, it’s recommended that you apply a topical anesthetic or numbing cream first. Make sure that your skin is thoroughly cleansed and your tool is properly disinfected prior to use.

Once the cream has shown effects, you can start rolling. The depth of the punctures you’ll create on your skin will depend upon the needles you use.

Because there’ll be minute punctures on the skin, it will trigger the body to think that there are wounds that should be healed. As a result, collagen production is stimulated.

Collagen creates the structure of your skin. It thickens the area and makes it supple and fuller.

Aside from collagen production, dermarollers are also helpful in making the skin more permeable for creams and serums, particularly in people who have melasma.

It’s expected that you’ll see results 6 weeks after you start using your derma roller. For the fullest effects, you’ll have to wait for around 3 to 12 months as deposition of new collagen can take some time.

Side Effects of Using A Dermaroller

Because dermarollers involve needles, you should expect a few side effects. Redness and mild swelling, for example, should be expected right after the procedure.

Bleeding, particularly when you use larger needle sizes, should also be anticipated. If you are highly sensitive to pain, make sure to apply a small amount of numbing cream before rolling.

Aside from these temporary side effects, there’s also the risk for infection since you’ll deliberately create minute punctures on your skin. If the concept of dermarolling is new to you, we strongly recommend reading or watching guides about it first.


BEST Enhanced Total Body Kit by Puruskin takes our top spot in this review. Not only are its colors helpful in guiding you in which roller heads to use, but it also comes with an ebook and video tutorials to make sure you perform the procedure correctly.

We also liked that it comes with protective covers to make sure you won’t get accidents replacing the roller heads. The kit costs $29.97.

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