6 Surprising Benefits Of Turmeric For Skin

6 Surprising Benefits Of Turmeric For Skin


When it comes to getting clearer and more beautiful skin, turmeric is one of those things that wouldn’t come easily to mind. It’s yellow, powdery and has a distinct scent and taste.

Despite these features, turmeric actually makes a great skin care ingredient. It offers valuable benefits, like antioxidants, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

If you have acne-prone or extra sensitive skin, these things can spell good news.

​But before you actually go and buy some turmeric powder, know that not every brand is the same. For your safety, buy it from local spice stores instead of your local grocery shop.

They have dried herbs and spices that have superior quality than what you can buy from other sources. In addition to that, people who work in these places are knowledgeable about its proper use, too.

As a guide, here are some of the things about turmeric you should consider when buying:

  • Organic turmeric is always better.
  • You can buy turmeric in chunks and in powder form.
  • Verify the freshness and quality of the turmeric before making a purchase.
  • It should be kept in a tightly sealed container and not exposed to direct sunlight.

Once you got your hands on quality turmeric, here are some of the ways you can reap its skin benefits.

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6 Surprising Benefits Of Turmeric For Skin

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Dr Kathleen May Eusebio-Alpapara

A board-certified dermatologist who practices both medical and cosmetic dermatology

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