2023 Skincare Trends

2021 skincare trends

It’s an understatement to say that the skin care industry is ever-evolving. Every year, the industry discovers a new crop of ingredients and trends that explains the prominence in skin care. In recent years, beauty and skin health experts endlessly raved about upcycling, plant-based ingredients, and inhalable beauty brand products. But this year, skin care trends are expected to be just diverse and dynamic.

This global pandemic changed the way people do everything. The way people do their schooling, the way they work, the way you shop for groceries, and the way you approach your skin care.

As you spend lots of time behind screens, and the dreaded front-facing camera, people are trying to find the ‘zoom glow ups’ and at-home solutions or treatments becomes the ‘new normal’ according to dermatology research.

It’s really difficult to predict now what this year will look like in many aspects. But there are pretty many ideas of what the skin care industry and the trend will be. Big thanks to the professional roster of aestheticians, founder, scientists, plastic surgeons, and board-certified dermatologist who can give tips regarding skin concerns. Their insights or search close discoveries explains that there are many things to look forward to in the skincare industry this new year, from minimalistic routine to the rise of microbiome-friendly skin care products. The list below is bound to be an emerging trend that resonates according to personal skincare dermatology and philosophy.

Here are the 2021 Skincare Trends you should look out for

1. Customized Skincare

The spread of virus and lockdown forced people to do their skin care into their own hands. A lot of them have found ingredients and become skin care expert on their own specific skin as a result. Glycolic acid, vitamin C, and hyaluronic; people already know what these active ingredients now and where to exactly use them.

According to Vogue Business, there was an increase of 193 percent in serums niacinamide, a 27 percent increase in serums with hyaluronic acid, and a 37 percent increase in those with vitamin C in 2020. What’s more, it seems that efficacy-focused brands and expert-backed became more preferred, claiming a market share of 32 percent during the first half of 2020, compared to 19 percent during the first half of 2019.

This new year, it is expected to see more skin care trends, with customers stay interested in continued ingredient education and maximized focus on effective, clean skin care. Additionally, you can contemplate to foresee customized skin care routines as people become more conscious of what their skin needs right now.

2. More Microbiome Routines

In the last year of 2020, there is an increased interest rate in microbiome skin care with its active ingredients that aim to help the skin health microbiome. According to dermatologists, the microbiome, which is a mix of good bacteria, fungi, and other microbes on the surface of your skin can:

  • Fight infections and focus on healthy skin
  • Quell environmental damage
  • Boost immunity and avoid stress
  • Regulate the skin’s pH levels and cleanser
  • Keep skin plump and hydrate to be healthy
  • Prevent the overgrowth of bad bacteria or pathogens that cause atopic dermatitis and psoriasis

Keeping this in good shape, is an excellent idea, to say the least. This year, presume that microbiome products will stick around in the form of ‘microbiome’ marketing. These skin care products have ingredients like probiotics and prebiotics, which can help you with your skin care routine journey.

3. Blue Light Protecting Skincare

Last year, most people spent their time in front of their screens as part of the new normal, and they were also worried about how their skin looks like. That’s one of the reasons why there is a 170 percent increase in sales and a 47 percent increase in product searches with blue light in 2020.

But some questions its effectiveness because there is evidence also that it is not a great thing for the skin to have too much exposure to blue light. But the proof is not comprehensive enough to say that products with ‘blue light’ are not effective compared to other broad-spectrum sunscreens according to dermatologists.

On the other hand, prevention is still better than cure, that’s why blue light protection was introduced and become increasingly important. It is beneficial to those who are working from home and spend most of their time on computer screens, tablets, and cell phones, which can cause premature ageing from the HEV lights.

One of the safest beauty ingredients is zinc oxide. It gives your skin the protection it needs from the danger of UV rays. It halts the ageing process, prevents skin dryness, and protects cell from being damaged by filtering out the dangerous UV rays.

4. More Hand Care

Today, we are sanitizing and washing our hands more than ever. It means that most people are experiencing dryer hands as a result. Combine this with your inability to visit nail salon because of the virus, and you get an increase in body care purchases of about 65 percent, and a 300 percent increase in nail, hair, and skin products.

This won’t go away in 2021 because there is still a virus and even it begins to diminish, the hand-washing and sanitizing habit are definitely will stick around for a few years more. So, contemplate to foresee a lot of products focusing mainly on taking care not only your hands, but the whole body in 2021 and in the coming years.

6. Barrier Repair Products

Look forward to grasp an increase in barrier repair brand products in 2021. Wearing a mask now is part of every individual’s life now because of the threat of coronavirus, and it is not going away sooner. But it also comes with drawbacks like reddened, raw skin and maskne according to dermatologists.

The solution? Increase your interest in barriers repairing occlusive skin care products, like thick creams and butter. These products aim to replace the natural oils which make up your skin’s barrier, the oils that being stripped away by wearing a mask all the time. These skin care trends will stick around in 2021 and in the coming years.

7. Maskne Treatments

Maskne is real. Even people that never really had congestion-prone skin before are starting to see problems spring up as a result of the bacteria, debris, and constant friction that masks introduce.

And treating that maskne will remain a huge skincare trends in 2021. Foresee lots of lingering interest in AHAs and BHAs that improve skin texture and tone, along with an interest in products that improve skin clarity, tackle congestion, prevent skin inflammation, avoid stress and breakouts.

And keep in mind that this isn’t just to reduce maskne — it’s also to improve appearance on Zoom and other video calls.

If you’re in the market for this kind of product, a good place to start is with:

  • A congestion-busting clay mask vitamin that prevent skin irritation
  • Pigmentation serum and skin damage-reducing vitamin C serum
  • Barrier repairing face oil, cleanser, and moisturizer
  • Glycolic products which focus on skin treatment

With mask-related breakouts on the rise (and face masks here to say for the foreseeable future), Dr Elsa Jungman, who has a PhD in Skin Pharmacology, predicts the prevalence of more skincare products that are gentle and supportive of your skin barrier and microbiome to help balance the impact of irritation from mask-wearing and frequent cleansing.

8. Smaller Cosmetic Procedures

When it comes to cosmetic treatments and plastic surgery, reckon to foresee’less is more’ thinking this year.

Last year, the spread of virus forced everyone to keep away from board certified dermatologist treatment like Botox. So, it’s all about understanding the glam appearance now, which means super clear and glowing skin, more natural makeup and fewer lash extensions. These skin care trends will still continue as skincare enthusiasts continue to play it safe and do most of their skincare treatments at home. And when they are able to get back to the fillers and Botox, it will be all about the subtle, natural tweaks that improve natural features and enhance the quality of the skin.

9. More Emphasis on the Top of the Face

Based on McKinsey report, there has been a decrease in overall cosmetic and fragrance deals during this pandemic, with popular beauty brands seeing an almost 55 percent decrease in cosmetic purchases and a 75 percent decrease in fragrance when compared to the sales a year ago. But, the decrease doesn’t seem to apply the eye-level beauty and cosmetic brands. In fact, Alibaba reported that there’s a 150 percent increase in the eye-cosmetic brands every month, and these trending skincare ideas are expected to stay in the coming years.

The eye part is pretty much the first thing people can see. So, foresee to have a huge emphasis on the eyes with bold lashes, fluffy brows, and multitasking eye products.

10. Transparency in Ingredients

Fuller transparency, clean and better natural ingredients beauty products are what to expect to continue this 2021. Consumers are keen to know what’s in their skin, and the purpose behind the brand they independently selected. There is a higher demand for beauty products that are clean, transparent and have easy access.

11. De-stressing Skincare

Everybody’s stress levels hit higher in 2021 because of the virus, and everyone is still feeling it right now. If you are one of them, take a moment to do your skincare ritual as one of the self-care regime that has helped people decompress during the epidemic time. That is why many skincare and beauty brands that use destressing natural ingredients products centre mostly on relaxation while taking care of their skin.

12. More Gadgets

It’s not only the skincare purchases that saw a big leap in 2021. According to Vogue Business, there is also an increase in gadget sales, which includes:

  • A 203 percent increase in skin fridge deals
  • A 70 percent increase in deals of facial steamers
  • A 33 percent increase in face scraper deals
  • A 26 percent increase in rose quartz roller deals

It makes sense because people tend to take care of themselves in 2021, making their own manicures, the own eyebrow shaping, their own hair, their own at-home face peels, and the list goes on.

This year, anticipate to see more at-home cosmetic gadgets and several DIY to stand the norm. Hopefully, in-office treatments and facials will also come back in no time.

Other search interest for skincare

As you notice, the online interest in skincare has a huge jump in mid-March and then went on to get higher in July. Skincare sales at that time followed a similar pattern. According to the data gathered by NPD, skincare took the widest share of popular beauty purchases from March to June. Over the same time period, the e-commerce deals for skin care products spiked at 93 percent yearly growth.

Online interest in skincare will have its ups and downs for the rest of the year, but it will remain high moving as well. Here are some of the skin care trends people will expect to see over the coming months.

  • Consumers will continue to explore new products and expand their skincare routines.

Since women need to change their skincare routine because of the pandemic, they tend to use now facial skin care products over the year to prevent acne and inflammation or other skin problems. Almost one-third of women expanded their routines to include another alternative, and most of them choose to stick with the new skincare ritual when things become normal.

A lot of consumers are utilizing downtime from the pandemic to research and explore new products. Expect that these skincare trends will continue to rise in the coming years. Products with quickly growing interest are salicylic serum, peeling solutions for acne, hydrocolloid patches for skin inflammation, and face masks, according to Google Trends data.

  • Tiktok platform will become a wider discovery among Gen Z and Millennials.

With almost 200 million downloads in the US and 1 billion users all over the world, Tiktok is considered one of the most trending applications around and it’s for free. You can find anything on Tiktok, from random videos to DIY tricks and trending beauty tips. Try to search skincare and you will find an endless scroll of Tiktok users talking about their favourite skincare routines and products.

After scrolling through thousands and different skin care videos for free, there are some main brands that kept coming up as well. These brands have gained a strong name on a different platform, and several free videos feature their products with thousands of likes and comments.

A lot of retailers have identified Tiktok’s potential and influence. In the month of December last year, Walmart announces that they will be holding a live stream event on fashion, where viewers can purchase products without the need to leave the platform. Though there are limitations on fashion items, there are more categories included in future shows.

  • Retailers and brands will add more value to users digitally

Providing them with a physical experience through brick and mortar has always been an essential part of the beauty industry. But since there is still a spread of virus, beauty product retailers and founder need to add value to beauty users virtually.

Larger retailers are adding up value through virtual experiences. There are new offerings for skin care enthusiasts like virtual makeup tutorials, personal shopper services, and virtual skincare consultations.

This year, brick and mortar will continue to serve its role in the beauty and skin industry. But the digital means will play a bigger role because of the pandemic. The retail success this year will need brands and founder to meet their clients where they purchase, putting less emphasis on creating omnichannel experiences and multichannel marketing strategies.

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