2023 Makeup Trends

2023 Makeup Trends

Makeup and beauty trends constantly change as they are very dynamic. These trends change not only year after year but also every season, so you can expect to see a different makeup trend for the Winter as well as for Spring, Summer, or Fall.

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2020 Makeup Trends

This pandemic has indeed affected much of our lives and has infiltrated every possible area of our daily living. With the wearing of the mask, how makeup looks were also transformed to suit this new normal.

The 2020 makeup trends mostly involved the eyes as they were the most visible, so eye makeup trends reigned this period. From eye shapes that are exaggerated to eyeliner that is either white or colorful, makeup artists from the different parts of the world did their part to respond to a new challenge of creating beauty trends in spite of the barriers and limitations.

Celebrity makeup artists believed that there would be a great emphasis on eye makeup so that there would be pops of color in this area along with exaggerated shapes but not very defined and can be achieved by blending blocks of color and soft blurs.

A 2020 makeup mostly used the classic blue as it was that year’s color, so it was expected that makeup shades are played around the bold hues. One makeup artist predicted that there would be those who would shy away from using the usual black eyeliner and would be experimental and use white or cream eyeliner instead. Or if not these, other nontraditional eyeliner colors would be significant as well, such as neon, pink, or different pastel colors.

Using colorful eyeliner was a fun way to play with colors without being very risky. Through this, you can achieve a bold and glam look using bright colors without sacrificing anything. Though eye makeup was given much focus, other parts of the face were certainly not neglected.

For the lips, the classic red lipstick would perhaps never go out of style. Although 2020 was a combination of the classic and what was on-trend. For the skin, the makeup trend was something that makes the wearer look fresh and glowing. The skin complexion had to have that soft and flawless radiance that seemed to be coming from within.

Part of the beauty trends for 2020 was the use of skincare products that had quality ingredients and were friendly to the skin. Because users are now more conscious of their skincare products’ components, they do their research before buying, so it is important that the products match these expectations.

Some brands keep up with the trend by incorporating skin-beneficial ingredients into their already existing products. An example of this would be “the Serum” of Cle de Peau Beaute, which uses brown, green, and red kelp to make the skin smooth and promote natural regeneration.

2020 makeup was also about using lighter makeup that included foundation, blush, concealer, highlighter, etc. And it also wanted to have that airy feel that looked natural and clean. Part of the trend in 2020 makeup had sustainable beauty in which the brands participate and support environmental programs such as recycling, making donations, and making a commitment not to use plastic in their packaging.

There have been so many highlights and significant changes in terms of the 2020 makeup trend in order to match the changing time. Whether you are looking to wear something bold for the Summer, Fall, Spring, or even Winter or just simply update yourself with the trends of that time, Hearst digital media makes sure that you find the content you need.

2021 Makeup Trends

Makeup trends 2021 do not seem very far off from the trends of the previous year as it also focuses on eye makeup. Perhaps it is also due to the fact that we are still in this pandemic and that we are still wearing face masks why the emphasis on the eye remains.

One makeup artist for celebrities believes that bold colors for the eyeshadow would be a hit for the 2021 makeup trend as well as brows that are filled in and defined. This year, women may go for fuller brows. It may also be the time to experiment with eye makeup which means going beyond playing with colors—for example, adding other ornaments such as glitters or jewels around the eyeshadow.

The makeup trend for 2021 may also involve a liner that is smoldering and would most likely want to show the natural color of the skin. Because the times are forcing us to stay indoors, the use of heaters during the cold season also makes the skin drier, the time where you always have to keep your skin moisturized. One way to keep yourself moisturized and hydrated is to add Hyaluronic Acid serums to your everyday beauty routine. Hyaluronic Acid helps in hydrating the skin and maintains its moisture.

Makeup trend changes, and it is always nice to experiment and try on new makeup looks, but one thing for sure is that what you are comfortable in is what always matters. For those who wish to get more content from Hearst digital media, users provide their email addresses.

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2021 Makeup Trends for Spring

In the 2021 Hearst Magazine Media, you can find some trends for makeup. For Spring, the natural look is with minimal makeup, and a glow that is well-placed and dewy skin would be a thing, along with a relaxed brow.

The brows with a bold arch with some natural strays would be a trend for this season. Fluttery lashes become common, which helps in keeping a sweet and clean look. Simultaneously, two types of makeup that will never be out of place are mascara and the liner for the eye.

A certain makeup artist also hints that happy colors such as green, pink, yellow, blue, and even neon may become a trend for 2021. Aside from the lashes and the eye, there is certainly something for the lips. For the lip color, the trend may be a matte, natural, and flushed look, such as something where the makeup looks like a freshly kissed lip. This can be layered with a bright fuchsia or hot pink lip color.

Another makeup trend for the lips may be lip balms that are colored. By using a colored lip balm, you are not only hydrating your lips, but you are also giving it some color. Why not try pink to make your lips look fresher? Or you may also use nude shades. Also, if you feel more experimental or playful, you may also wear a combination of strong shapes and bright colors. Never forget the color red as it will always be a classic and will perhaps never be out of trend.

While you are experimenting with beauty and makeup trends, do incorporate your hair with the overall style. There is also separate content for the hair and the styles you may choose from, and it should match your makeup style to have a more coherent look. After all, having nice hair is also something vital to achieving beauty. You may also play with colors for the hair. You could even choose neon if you wish, but just make sure that it matches your skin tone.

Summer 2021 Makeup Trends

The makeup trend for summer 2021 would be something that matches the warm weather and would be apt for wearing a face mask so that the makeup base would be lightweight. Makeup would be minimal and something that emphasizes the natural skin.

And again, because face masks are still on, makeup trends would still focus on the eyes. The eyeshadow will be bright and more enhanced through the use of texture, and the trend may involve some pop art with splashes of color across the lid by using a liner or two to create different contrasting textures.

The eyebrows would be defined, and to go along with the nice eyeshadow and falsies would be great additions to complete the look and also to let the natural beauty shine. Those long and wispy extensions would excellently match the eyes and create a more defined face as for the lashes. Another great thing to go with light makeup is having a strip of lashes which would create a sort of drama and at the same time would make the eyes become the main focus of attention.

Though solid and bright shadows would be a trend for the summer, you can always opt to use more subtle colors such as shades of blue or Aqua if you think that you would not be comfortable with the stronger hues.

Even if the focal point is the eyes for the makeup trends, other parts of the face should certainly not be neglected. For the lips, the makeup trend would either be pastel colors or be vibrant corals or bright pink. If you are looking for something that you can wear for a longer time, you can choose something with a highly pigmented formula or matte. Either of these would still give texture as well as color, and any would be great for long wear.

For the face, the makeup trend would be bronzy, classic, and glowing. And to achieve this, you may apply a tinted cream highlighter with a really good bronzer to the cheekbones, collarbone, and neck. This then would create the glowing effect. To be more faithful with the makeup trend where the makeup looks like a wet shine, use a formula with light coverage.

Though we are wearing face masks, beauty does not need to be sacrificed, which is why in 2021’s makeup trend, the eyes must look smoldering by using a mascara that is either colored deep sea green or cobalt blue. These colors are available from L’Oreal.

After all these beauty tips, you can now play with the kind of makeup you are comfortable with. Whether you want to use the trend for fall or summer or whatever season, and whether you wish to use neon colors or the more subtle ones or matte for texture, anything is okay for as long as you know that you would pull off the look and you would be confident in it.

If you want to get more inspiration, there is always something from Instagram. In the same way, after doing your makeup and perhaps even your hair, you can also share on Instagram the look that you have created. This way, it will inspire more people to be creative in spite of the challenging times.

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Trends indeed change, and they simply come and go. But since they are out there, you can always mix and match all those ideas to create something new or uniquely your own. You can use them as a base towards achieving your creativity, and once you have completed yours, it may also be best to share it with others through Instagram so that you could also be an inspiration.

Whatever style you choose all depends on where you are comfortable with, including colors, textures, etc. It doesn’t even matter if you follow the trend; what matters is living with your personal style.


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