The Best Body Scrub - 2017 Reviews and Top Picks

“In our commitment to supply you with products that truly deliver, we have gathered and reviewed 5 exfoliating body scrubs in the market today that promise to give you glowing skin. These products were then assessed based on their ability to remove dead skin cells, polish skin, and their friendliness on the budget until we picked what we feel is the best body scrub for men and women.”

At A Glance: Our Choices for The Best Body Scrub

The Therapeutic Scrub by Oleavine TheraTree exfoliates from head to foot. It also helps unclog pores and moisturize and soothe rough skin and soften calluses with its micro pumice content.

Anjou’s Coffee Scrub will definitely give you an enjoyable shower experience. Aside from its aroma, its coffee content reduces cellulite by tightening and boosting the skin’s elasticity.

The Body Scrub by KP Elements is a product highly recommended by Keratosis Pilaris patients. Tested by dermatologists, it cleanses skin and reduces bumps to reveal healthy skin all over.

Choose the Brown Sugar Scrub by Majestic Pure for lasting moisturization. It even brightens and tones the skin and has an aroma that will surely revitalize and awaken your senses.

Lastly, Soap & Glory’s Flake Away Body Polish considers itself a superhero in smoothing the skin. It also comes in a cute and adorable pink jar that ladies will surely love.

2017’s Reviews of The Best Body Scrub




Main ingredient/s

Editor’s Rating


Oleavine TheraTree

6 fluid ounces

Activated Charcoal, Neem Oil, White Willow Bark, and Volcanic Pumice



8 ounces

Arabica coffee, Honey, Sea salt, and Jojoba oil


KP Elements

8 fluid ounces

Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Vitamins C and E, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and essential oils


Majestic Pure

8 ounces

Brown sugar, Dead Sea salt, and essential oils


Soap & Glory

10.1 fluid ounces

Shea butter, Sweet Almond oil, Peach Seed powder, Sea salt and Sugar

#1 Therapeutic Scrub by Oleavine TheraTree

Oleavine TheraTree

Being a versatile product makes this the best body scrub. It is infused with various natural and organic ingredients each designed to reveal more youthful skin you never thought possible.

Ideal for all skin types, this best organic body scrub contains Australian Tea Tree Oil as it key ingredient. This ingredient helps with a number of skin conditions including dry, sensitive skin.

This product also boasts of activated charcoal as one of its main ingredients. Ideal for blemish control, it draws out dirt and impurities from the pores making it great for those with oily skin.

Furthermore, its white willow bark and volcanic pumice contents make this the best body scrub to remove dead skin. It gently exfoliates to smooth rough skin to get rid of corns and calluses.

And since it contains Omegas 6 and 9, this body scrub is perfect even for people with dry skin. It also has a unique blend of mint essential oils that will truly invigorate and revitalize your senses.

This, for us, is also the best body scrub for men as it is rich in botanicals and essential oils. We don’t mean to discriminate, but these help fight body and foot odor from physical activities.

What We Like:

  • Natural and organic product
  • Has a great smell to it
  • Does a great job at exfoliating
  • Clears up body acne

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Can have a slight burning sensation when used on the face
  • Gives out a tingly feeling during shower
  • Can be too abrasive

#2 Coffee Scrub by Anjou


This is obviously the best coffee body scrub for all the good reasons. Aside from its invigorating smell, this product increases blood flow to the skin to tighten and improve its overall elasticity.

With that, this product helps with common “woman” complaints like sagging skin, cellulite, and stretch marks. When applied on the legs, it helps minimize the appearance of varicose veins.

We also consider this as the best body scrub for ingrown hairs because it contains honey. This ingredient is highly antibacterial and thus can help stop the infection caused by ingrown hairs.

And because honey is packed with vitamins, this coffee scrub keeps skin refreshed. Its antioxidant content helps with blemishes, can help with acne and even lighten acne scars.

The best drugstore body scrub, you can enjoy all this product’s benefits for a cheap price. This best cheap body scrub is probably the best thing to have happened at your drugstore.

This also contains Jojoba oil, which is considered one of the best oil for body scrub. This oil is great at fighting the signs of aging and can even help with acne as it boosts cell regeneration.

We think this is the best natural body scrub as it does what a commercial body scrub can do, and even more. Since it’s chemical-free, you won’t worry about being too harsh on your skin.

What We Like:

  • Can also help with discoloration
  • Smells great
  • Deeply moisturizes the skin
  • Not as abrasive as other exfoliators

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Comes in a jar
  • May not work for sensitive skin
  • Consistency is a bit sticky

#3 Body Scrub by KP Elements

KP Elements

From the name itself, you’ll know this is the best body scrub for keratosis pilaris. Widely used by keratosis pilaris patients, it helps rid off unnecessary keratin for smoother skin from head to toe.

This is due to its content of Alpha Hydroxy Acids. AHAs help accelerate the turnover of healthy skin cells, which mean dead skin is then replaced by soft, smooth, and evenly colored cells.

This product can also be regarded as the best body scrub for dry skin for its Vitamin E content. This antioxidant moisturizes skin, prevents it from dehydration, and stops KP from coming back.

You’ll get some anti-aging benefits from this product, too. Thanks to its Vitamin C component, it reduces the redness and inflammation brought by KP and even helps tone and tighten the skin.

But, it doesn’t end there. This product can also be deemed as the best body scrub for sensitive skin because it is packed with essential oils like avocado oil, flaxseed oil, and chamomile oil.

While avocado oil has hydrating qualities, the last two are known to calm inflamed, irritated skin. These three oils ensure that while being relieved from KP, you’re relieved from dry skin as well.

People with KP also consider this as the best body scrub for legs since it helps smooth their skin from top to bottom. With this product, you won’t remember how dry skin feels like.

What We Like:

  • Dermatologist-recommended for keratosis pilaris
  • Offers mild exfoliation
  • Smells great
  • Leaves skin feeling smooth

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Expensive
  • Might take a while before getting results
  • May not work for all with keratosis pilaris

#4 Brown Sugar Scrub by Majestic Pure

Majestic Pure

For those asking what is the best exfoliating body scrub, search no more. This product is filled with natural and organic ingredients that help rejuvenate the skin in ways you can’t imagine.

This best body sugar scrub boasts of brown sugar as it main ingredient. One of its benefits is it helps in skin whitening or lightening, making it ideal for use before spray tan or to remove tan.

Also the best body scrub for acne, this product contains citrus oils that help brighten the skin. We all know that a brighter complexion can make you look younger and more radiant-looking.

Infused with sea salt, this best sea salt body scrub helps with dry skin. It also helps tighten skin, making it the best body scrub for cellulite and the best body scrub for stretch marks as well.

This product can be considered as the best body scrub for oily skin since it has brown sugar and salt. These are great at combating oily skin, so you won’t be disappointed with this product.

This product is easy to dissolve, and doesn’t leave any residue behind to cause clogged pores. A natural glycolic acid, it helps remove dead skin cells and even helps in rapid turnover of cells.

What We Like:

  • Smooths rough, dry skin
  • Offers visible results in just a few uses
  • Yummy smell
  • A little goes a long way

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Comes in a jar
  • Lacks in oils (product is drier compared to other scrubs)
  • A bit messy to use

#5 Flake Away Body Polish by Soap & Glory

Soap & Glory

It is quite obvious that this product is the best soap and glory body scrub. This product helps polish the skin and based on its advertising, “transforms scaly legs from reptilian to radiant.”

This product is infused with sea salt, which makes it the best body scrub to tighten skin as well. Just don’t apply it over abrasions or irritated skin as salt scrubs can cause a stinging sensation.

And since it is a body polish, don’t expect it to be like your ordinary body scrub. This best body polish scrub is smooth and finely milled, so those with super-sensitive skin will truly love this.

Its almond oil content makes this the best body scrub for acne scars. This ingredient also helps moisturize, nourish, soothe, and lighten skin, making it the best body scrub whitening as well.

Because of almond oil’s skin lightening abilities, this product can also be considered as the best body scrub before spray tan or even the best body scrub to remove tan.

This product is also ideal for people with dry skin since it contains Shea butter, which is a great moisturizer. Its last component is peach seed powder which is widely used in skincare products.

What We Like:

  • Smooth texture
  • Gives skin a natural glow
  • Deeply moisturizes the skin
  • Comes in a cute, pink container

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Complaints of unpleasant smell
  • Scent doesn't last that long
  • Can cause drainage issues

Reviews and Comparisons of The Best Body Scrub


Best Overall

2nd choice

3rd choice

4th choice

5th choice

Top-Rated Body Scrub 2017

 Oleavine TheraTree
KP Elements
Majestic Pure
Soap & Glory


Oleavine TheraTree


KP Elements

Majestic Pure

Soap & Glory


Removes dead skin, Controls blemish, and Soothes dry, irritated skin

Exfoliates the body, Reduces cellulite, Fights premature aging, moisturizes, and revitalizes skin

Exfoliates skin and fights against Keratosis Pilaris

Moisturizes, brightens, and tones the skin

Moisturizes and smooths the skin




Plastic bottle















Get Started

Should I be Exfoliating on a Daily Basis?

Having and maintaining glowing skin is a lot of hard work. Exfoliating the body is just as important as exfoliating the face, since we shed around 50,000 cells in just a minute.​

As these dead skin cells sometimes don’t just fall out on its own, they can leave the skin feeling rough or build up and cause clogged pores.

Exfoliating has a lot of benefits including preventing body acne, avoiding ingrown hairs, evening out skin tone, and moisturizing skin. But how often should you be doing it?

According to health experts, exfoliating the body twice or thrice a week is enough. However, this number should be reduced if you have sensitive skin.​

For the face, two times a week shall do the trick. Sensitive skin, however, is an exception to this rule.

​People with oily skin or those living in warmer areas might also want to exfoliate more. This is to prevent dead skin cells from building up which is common in the said conditions.

The purpose of exfoliation is to remove dead skin cells, so scrubbing too often or too hard aren’t necessary for it to happen. In doing so, you might be taking off healthy cells as well.

This, in turn, causes the skin to look red and feel sore. Rub the particles gently but firmly using circular motions in order for it to work.

Combining a body wash with a washcloth or a loofah or using an exfoliating body scrub shall do the trick. This helps tighten skin, or you can try a coffee scrub for an even brighter complexion.

Rich in antioxidants, a coffee scrub softens lines, prevents clogged pores, and strengthens the protective barrier of the skin.

Regardless of the method you choose, exfoliating your skin is always a good idea. Just remember to not overdo it, because anything more can lead to skin irritation.


Exfoliation is often seen as a “girly thing,” but we should understand it is for men, too. This process has a lot of benefits to the skin, such as making you look more radiant and younger.C’mon, who doesn’t like that?

We have chosen the Therapeutic Scrub by Oleavine TheraTree as the best body scrub. Natural and organic, this body scrub revitalizes the skin and is ideal for all skin types.

Infused with Australian Tea Tree Oil, it relieves skin from irritation and prevents against body acne while activated charcoal draws out dirt and pollution from the pores and the skin’s surface.

This product is however a bit expensive. But it doesn’t matter, because we guarantee you it will be all worth it in the end.

​The best body scrub is now here. We encourage you to try it out to achieve your most youthful and glowing skin ever.

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